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Now that Christmas and Boxing Day is behind us one can look back without a feeling of guilt attributed to over eating. We were only six people celebrating together, but enough food to feed an army.  I did a poultry roll comprising of turkey, duck and chicken and roast potatoes done in duck fat on the Weber, my wife in addition to the vegetables made a scrumptious chicken liver pate and the visitors brought the gammon, some spiced meat balls and the desert. A few pics to remind of the unintended diet to be followed until New Year’s Day.

The poultry roll, potatoes and onions on the BBQ


Gammon and gammon



Carved and ready for dishing up


Enjoy the final Sunday of 2015.

The latest fad in our neck of the woods is baking your own bread when doing a BBQ.  Known as “Braaibrood” (BBQ bread) it is available at many liquor outlets.  Last weekend I took the plunge and decided to try my luck.  I followed the preparation instructions meticulously right up to where the bread was ready to go onto the fire and this is where I adapted to procedure to go from an open fire to the Weber kettle and its cover.  The result was astounding and the experiment a roaring success.

Braaibrood 1

Braaibrood 2

The following day at breakfast time I also discovered this bread makes delicious toast that faintly holds a BBQ flavour.  Will do it again tomorrow.  Have a pleasant weekend.

It is lunch time and enjoy.

Roast and potatoes done on the Weber.

Roast and potatos

Don’t worry, I did clean the pans myself — uhm, only the next day.

Oh, the Weber sparked yesterday.  Did a topside and roast potatoes in it.  The topside had a a first time try for me paste on it – a a tea leaf based paste and was scrumptious.

Paste with tea leaves 2

As a sideline compliment there was an oven roasted cauliflower and salad ( the wife’s contribution).

Paste with tea leaves 3

Now, being alone at home I must see to my own lunch which will be a few slices of that lovely meat dish cold on a lovely fresh German bread roll.

Bon apetit.

We Capetonians have the habit of celebrating a second new year on the second of January.  This year we had a good mix of people over to celebrate.  We had Belgians (old friends from our years in the Congo), ex Zimbabweans and folks from home over as guests.  The meal itself was an experiment as a first time try.  It was doing a gammon (pre-cooked) on the Weber with a mustard and brown sugar paste (glaze) supplemented with “boerewors”(a South African bbq sausage flavoured with coriander) and oven roasted vegetables.  While doing the gammon I envisaged at least two days following enjoying the left over gammon on sandwiches for lunch.  Anyway it was nice to dream – the crowd polished the whole lot.

The tables ready for lunch.

Ready for special lunch

Although I planned to photograph the food once the preparations were done I must admit that between the Weber and the bar serving the thirsty guests it completely slipped my mind and the camera was a forgotten subject.  That was a first for me.

With the festive season behind us I wish all a happy start to the new year on this the first Monday of 2015.

Living in sunny South Africa (not always though!) cooking outside, as we say braai (BBQ), is a favourite over weekends.  I have in the past posted on this great habit of ours, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that when I do the braai here I include the dogs on the menue.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Must watch the dogs’ part carefully as it could easily burn and if we do not like burnt food why must they.  We enjoy anything from chops (lamb or pork) and sausage through to roast beef or pork with crackling.  The pooches however get their own speciality of the week.

Oh for the marrow and the bone.

Honne braaivleis

Sometimes there will be a third and that one’s marrow comes my way.

Going hiking today and hope I make it with a lingering cold and conjunctivitis regardless.

Enjoy a lovely day.

Wednesday past in South Africa was “Heritage Day” which in my mind is politically a very loaded day.  Thank heavens a realist managed to nickname it Braai Day (BBQ Day).  So steering away from politics and keeping to the mundane here my take on the simple let us be just people.

Daybreak on Heritage Day.

Heritage daybreak 2014

Yes, weather wise this was a true warning of what in Cape Town was to come, a day of bad weather.  Needless to say I took my chance and went for the braai (BBQ).  Contrary to the usual braai pics published that brags about the meat etc ,a practice I am also guilty of, here a braai (BBQ) pic with a difference.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Make your Friday evening a gorgeous dream.

As was expected it was a killer yesterday, so the evening was entered into with a Weber special.

Start the fire

And tasty it was.

Braai ready

The predictions for today do not seem to be anywhere near cool, so we will have to brace ourselves for another sweltering day.  Summer’s last grasp on Cape Town before winter takes over.

Lunch time coming up in my neck of the woods, but I am afraid it is not going to be a repeat of Sunday’s feast we had here at home.  Being Tuesday a sammy will have to do.

Shoulder of pork and crackling on the Weber kettle

Sunday 160314 Crackling shoulder pork

The guests left no leftovers for a Monday bite.  Enjoy the day.

In essence all natural wild life in our garden happens to be “Royal Game” and may not be killed, their lives must be respected and honoured.  If for example it is a snake, poisonous or not, it is captured and taken to a sanctuary.  Yes, we respect nature and the gifts Nature bestow on us.  We are now heading into high summer and a certain lovely itsy bitsy spider is flourishing in the garden, their nets and eventually the sack with eggs are untouchable and this is a non-negotiable attitude.  So here we are folks our first of the summer Golden Orb.

Golden Orb

What a day, 36C (99F) in the shade and I will post pics on how the pets handled this.  Can’t speak of a heatwave yet as here the term heatwave requires five consequent days above 30C  (86F).  Nevertheless, I took the the Weber kettle to task and braaied (BBQ-ed) marinated pork ribs and roast potatoes that was absorbed with Better Half’s refreshing salad.  Have a great evening.  I will after a cool off dip in the pool.