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It is always a pleasure to call in on a bakery in Switzerland and let the eyes feast upon the variety of bread to choose from, not to mention the nose taking in all the aromas that surround one.

Bread 2

Bread 1

Enjoy the day.

Getting close to supper time, unfortunately a certain bread baked on Sunday did not make Thursday.

Bread baked on the Weber kettle at the time of the Sunday lunchtime BBQ, or as we say here “braai” (pronounced byeeee with an R between the B and first A).


Enjoy the evening.

Fairview’s shop shares the same floor with the wine tasting section and is not strange to notice shoppers shopping with a glass of wine in one hand.



But the main attraction seems to be the cheese and related foods section.

Breads to crave for



And the rest of the items to choose from




After completing the cheese shopping we left for Jonkershoek outside Stellenbosch for lunch at the Postcard Café.  More about that to come.

Enjoy a super start to the new week.

(Note: The photos above were taken with a new lens (Sigma 18mm to 300mm) I have acquired and no flash was used.

The latest fad in our neck of the woods is baking your own bread when doing a BBQ.  Known as “Braaibrood” (BBQ bread) it is available at many liquor outlets.  Last weekend I took the plunge and decided to try my luck.  I followed the preparation instructions meticulously right up to where the bread was ready to go onto the fire and this is where I adapted to procedure to go from an open fire to the Weber kettle and its cover.  The result was astounding and the experiment a roaring success.

Braaibrood 1

Braaibrood 2

The following day at breakfast time I also discovered this bread makes delicious toast that faintly holds a BBQ flavour.  Will do it again tomorrow.  Have a pleasant weekend.

Took the camera to a supermarket and let it do some shopping.

Apples galore.

F and V apples

Artisan breads.

F and V artisan bread

The avocado season has started.

F and V avos

Enjoy the start of the new week.

Enjoy the walk with me.

A selection of breads in a supermarket to choose from.

Bread choice supermarket

Dancing girl and boy along the lake side.


Came across this experimental Renault electric car parked along side the lake.

Electric Renault 1

Last of the flowers before winter truly sets in.


Mushrooms and pumpkin on sale in a supermarket.

Mushrooms and vegies supermarket

Graceful I glide on the water.


A child feeding the swans.

Swans and child

Start of the new week and for us D Day minus 3.  Enjoy the day and the week ahead.

Thanks to the theft of my previous computer and no back ups I have run out of photos.  My hopes to go camera wild today were shattered by a true Capetonian winter’s day – a Northwester gusting up to 55km/h and more, plus rain and true dark monochrome light.  Nevertheless here a little more from my neighbourhood.

Our quiet street leading towards the mountain

Lewis Drive up

and leading down away from the mountain

Lewis Drive down

Our driveway leading towards the house

Our drive

… and our humble abode in modern Cape Dutch style

Our house

Supper tonight a real winter dish – cheese fondue with ciabata bread, kirschwasser and a delicious Zonnenbloem sauvignon blanc.

Enjoy your evening with as much gusto as we are going to enjoy ours.