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Photos taken in Cape Town’s most colourful suburb.

Bo Kaap 20

Bo Kaap 21

Bo Kaap 22

Have great midweek day.


A mosque and brightly coloured houses in Bo Kaap (Upper Cape Town)

Bo Kaap 10

Enjoy a super day.

A summer sunrise, Cape Town.


Have a great start to the new week.

Table Mountain seen from the suburb Milnerton.


Enjoy a super day.

In Cape Town we have what we call factory shops where on can buy many items cheaper than at the customary shops.  One such factory we frequently go to is called Nibbly Bits and is not recommended to anyone following a weight loss diet.  Nibbly Bits specialises in selling excellent biscuits and rusks of a great variety and at much cheaper prices than what one pay for similar at the super markets or confectionary shops.

Shelves loaded with biscuits and rusks

Nibbly Bits 1

Nibbly Bits 2

it is the start of a new week, enjoy and have a super week ahead.

The cusp of the solstice moon setting behind Constantiaberg, Cape Town.

Tip of the moon

An autumn sunrise over Cape Town


Enjoy the day.

Traffic on a major highway, lunch time Mothers’ Day 2016 in Cape Town.

Traffic Mothers Day

Having lunch at home today.

A very pleasant and nice tranquil place for a picnic in Cape Town is within the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  In addition to enjoying the flora and birds there are the views on Table Mountain from various angles.



Midweek and almost Christmas, enjoy the day.

A perigee or supermoon rising over Cape Town on 29 August 2015.

Perigee moon 28 Aug 2015

Enjoy a super Sunday wherever you are.