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….. but some cars are has been.

Has been

This wreck has been parked at a semi-informal shopping center for months. I wonder what happened to the owner.


Fortunately not my car. Seen in the parking space of a shop.


First day of Spring for us and it is going to be a cold cloudy for us and it is 90% certain we won’t be able to observe the partial eclipse over Cape Town.  Nevertheless, enjoy a super day.

Had some excitement in our suburb yesterday morning. I could not establish what happened as the few witnesses standing around were not prepared to speak.  Apparently there were no injuries. Looking at the damage to the BMW involved my assumption is that both speed and carless driving were involved as the speed limit on that road is 60 km/h (30 mph) and the stretch where the collision occurred is dead straight.

Doordrift crash 1

Doordrift crash 2

Doordrift crash 3

Doordrift crash 4

Someone’s weekend has been truly spoilt.

Enjoy the day.

Whenever my back up laptop give problems I take it to a nearby computer store.  I call this store the pet friendly store and here is why.


Out in the street I was subjected to quite some threatening language by a so called car guard when I took this photo while he was assisting a clumsy driver trying to park his car.

Car guard

Eventually between the two of them the driver managed to get his car parked (more or less).

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Spotted this old Land Rover the other day. I can imagine all the kilometres of delightful off track journeys undertaken in it at the time of its heyday. Pity I do not have the finances to go make an offer and have it restored to its former glory.

Bygone days

Enjoy the midweek evening.

Before car alarm systems and gearlocks came into use different systems were in use, and some rather primitive and left the car owner with a false sense of security. Walking around in Muizenberg I spotted the car below with an ancient steering bolt lock. A car thief usually took a loppa cutter and snipped the steering wheel to get the bolt lock off and used a vicegrip to steer after hot wiring the car to start the engine.

Remnant from bygone days

Old steering lock

I wonder if this car will pass a roadworthy test.

Came up from behind overtaking on a solid white line and smack hit my wife’s car on the righthand front fender. Fortunately no injuries, but the inconvenience was there to live with.  Insurance took care of the financial side of the repair.  This what it looked like before over a thousand Rands (+/-US$700) was spent on the face lift.

Hit from behind 1

Hit from behind 2


And the repairs, which included replacing the light, done

Honda repaired

When one is used to having two cars at one’s disposal five days without any of the two feels like an awfully long time.

End of the week again, enjoy the day.

A sure sign of the festive season encroaching upon us is the struggle to find parking at shopping malls.  However, at the Constantia Mall one is treated by the gorgeous view on the back of Table Mountain.

Client assistant, parked cars and the mountain.

View on the mountain

Enjoy the weekend with delight.

Our area has been relatively free of any crime incidents over the past number of months.  However, surprises have a habit of suddenly appearing and in shocking manners.  The owner of a car in the next block was not the victim of an April Fool’s day joke.  During the night unwelcome visitors hit his car which was parked in the driveway.

No more wheels.

Stolen wheels

The method the scum follow is to place bricks under axel and chassis, let the air out the tyres and then remove the wheels and get the hell out of the area.  One cannot help to have pity with the victim while inwardly boiling with fury.  Although our vehicles are parked inside the property and behind a wall they are not garaged.  The only protection is a security light triggered by a sensor that lights up the area where the cars are parked and the room where the dogs sleep that is adjacent to where the cars are so they can raise the alarm in event of anything suspicious happening.  Nevertheless, today I will go and purchase lock nuts for both cars and fir them.

End of a short week.  Have a super day.

My little half ton pickup has a fibreglass canopy to make it safer when taking the dogs along for a ride or to training.

Bakkie 3

As you will notice the paintwork on the canopy was burnt off by the sun as the years moved on and eventually I took the plunge took the works in for a fix it up process.

Bakkie fix 4

Looks so much like new that one won’t believe the pickup is seven years old and features only 56,000 kilometers on the odometer.  This in turn had me explaining to the panel beaters that I do drive to the shops and not only around the block once a week.  Have a super Saturday.