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More pics taken in a supermarket.

Pawpaw, grapes and watermelon


Cheese for Africa


Meat for every taste


A cashier in the Christmas spirit


Enjoy the start of the last fourteen days of 2015.

Fairview’s shop shares the same floor with the wine tasting section and is not strange to notice shoppers shopping with a glass of wine in one hand.



But the main attraction seems to be the cheese and related foods section.

Breads to crave for



And the rest of the items to choose from




After completing the cheese shopping we left for Jonkershoek outside Stellenbosch for lunch at the Postcard Café.  More about that to come.

Enjoy a super start to the new week.

(Note: The photos above were taken with a new lens (Sigma 18mm to 300mm) I have acquired and no flash was used.

The Safari and Outdoors shop is a paradise for those who follow camping and hiking as their activities.  It also caters for all the needs of hunters which is not in my field of interest.

Was not really impressed when I saw this


From here we left for the Fairview Estate with the sole purpose to go buy some of their exquisite cheeses while giving their wine tasting the blind eye.  Fairview is amongst others known for their goat cheeses.

The welcome committee



On the way to the shop and wine tasting area one passes a large fish pond inhabited by gold fish and some of the largest kois I have seen.


An artist went wild with scrap iron and discarded parts of farm implements and produced this tricycle.


Enjoy a super day.

One of the many pleasures we had in Switzerland was have been taken to a small cheese factory in Baud.  The factory specialises in making Gruyere cheese.  Unfortunately due to incorrect clothing health reasons objected so we could not visit the factory itself, but the outlet was anough to get us drooling.

Nicely cut

Yverdon-Baulmes 58 cheese Baud

Appetisingly stacked

Yverdon-Baulmes 59 cheese Baud

A tranch being cut

Yverdon-Baulmes 60 cheese Baud

And the full display for the cheese lover`s delight

Yverdon-Baulmes 61 cheese Baud

I cannot believe it is Friday again.  The weeks seem to fly past in a hurray.  Have a super day.

Autumn leaves on a vine

c Autumn vine 2013

In honour of the approaching winter supper will be cheese fondue.  Have a great evening.