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From Lanzerac we hit the road to Fairview with the sole purpose of quickly buying some cheese. ¬†Again I discovered that when the word “quickly”is used there are two interpretations – a male version and a female version ūüôā As Fairview is a familiar calling spot for my wife and I my intention was not to take any photos as I have in the past posted blogs addressing this wine/cheese estate. ¬†However, the unexpected presented itself – the goats were out on the ramp allowing them access to the inside of their tower.



With business done at Fairview we headed to the Spice Route with the sole purpose of visiting the artisan chocolate factory. Took some pics while our guests shook their purses while succumbing to the delightful seduction of the variety of chocolates on sale.

Chocolate in the making


The attractive displays of chocolates on sale




The view from the chocolate factory on the mountains in the distance.


That concluded our day tour boasting some of the attractions of the Cape winelands to our visitors.  Have a super day.


This fellow joined our group this week.  He showed no anxiety and blended in as if he was an old hand.  Normally Ridgebacks are golden brown, but this one has an amazing dark colour and we immediately dubbed him Mr Cadbury.

Mr Cadbury

Weekend again and time to let the hair down.  Enjoy the day.