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A late autumn sunrise

Having the strangest weather at present. Yesterday our day temperature went up to 37C (98.6F) which is very unusual for the end of fall. Rain predicted for today but at 5am there was not a cloud in sight. Nevertheless, have a great day wherever you are.


A pale later summer sunrise

Pale sunrise late summer

Going to be hot again today.

Are we anxiously waiting for days like this.


The drought is hitting us hard.

Enjoy the weekend.

Enjoying some relief in Cape Town from high temperatures and one of the worst droughts in decades.  Since early morning we are blessed with showers giving much needed rain to gardens all round. However, this rain is not near enough to bring any relief regarding the strict water restrictions placed on the Metropole. These restrictions prohibits the use of hosepipes, two days a week for a maximum of one hour gardens can be watered by bucket or watering can, no washing of vehicles and pavings.

Clouds building up raising hopes for rain.

Clouds building up

Last year this time our lawn was green. This what it looks like now.

Drought stricken lawn

We can only hope that more rain will be forthcoming and especially in the catchment areas to fill our dams that together is down to 40% of the capacity of their full volume.

The forecast said rain and this what we got!

No rain

Enjoy the start of the new week.

After a Spring morning shower.

Rain on appraoch

Enjoy the day.

Our Clivias started blooming and I hope it is a strong sign that Spring is here albeit our temperatures are still in the low teens.

Welcome blooms


Have a super day.

After a cold wet week today has turned out like the perfect Spring day, albeit Spring is at least six weeks away. With a glorious 21C (69.8F) outside this apparatus is not required inside.


Now for a life saving Super Rugby match as far as South Africa is concerned when our Lions take on the Highlanders in Johannesburg.  all our other Super Rugby teams crashed out of the tournament.

We can almost say the coldest part of our winter is over.  Already some shops are displaying spring merchandise like the wheelbarrows at a close by hardware shop.


Enjoy the start of the new week.

A winter storm on approach during an early evening.

Approaching storm

Yes, it did rain that night.   Enjoy the day.