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Our Clivias started blooming and I hope it is a strong sign that Spring is here albeit our temperatures are still in the low teens.

Welcome blooms


Have a super day.


Overnight our Clivias started blooming bringing in the first true bright colours of Spring.



Not to be outdone the Chilies boasted their red to the delight of of the homely chef.


However, it is also the start of our Southeaster season and that wind can blow, believe me.


Enjoy the day of rest.

Another cold front to hit us today, but the Clivias seem to believe Spring is really here

Clivia Sept 2013

Enjoy a very pleasant day.

At last our first day of Spring has arrived, albeit 12 days late.  Total sunshine with a few lost puffy clouds above in the bright blue sky,  a bit of a Southeaster breeze but nothing to complain about as it does not present any chill factor to the day’s temperature.

Our Clivias starting to bloom

Clivia Sept 2013

And the Arums boasting in their greatness

Arium lily Sept 2013

The future looks good, but the weekend is again under a warning for bad weather.  Any how I do believe winter is finally over, but that does not rule out chilly evenings until January arrives, after all this is Cape Town.