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Early morning clouds photos taken over a two hour timespan.

Have a super day.


Sunrise on 22 September.

Spring dawn 9 2016

This however, was no sailor’s warning. Enjoy the day.

A waxing moon on its way to full moon. Photo taken midmorning.

Half moon Sept 10

Rainless clouds decorating the morning sky.

White clouds

Enjoy the midweek day.

Grey and somber and then it rained making the first day of Spring feel like a midwinter day.

morning storm spring

Have a great start to the new week.

It was a cold 11 July dawn albeit that the sky was on fire.

Daybreak 11-716 b

Daybreak 11-716 a

Midweek again, enjoy the day.

A winter storm on approach during an early evening.

Approaching storm

Yes, it did rain that night.   Enjoy the day.

Being an early riser I can vouch for chilly temperatures in the hours close to dawn.

An early winter sunset over Cape Town.

late autumn sunset

Have a super start to the new week.

February here is not a month where we are spoilt with great sunset scenes.  Soon March will be here and then the sunset scenery should change for the more colourful. Below two scenes showing the blandness of the end of day.



Enjoy a super day.

Caught in a terrible drought we find ourselves captive in a web of water restrictions. Where clouds would have had us hoping for rain we now look upon them as empty promises spreading false hope.

Rain empty promise

Have a great start to the new week.

Full moon over Cape Town 25/26 November 2015.

Trying to hide behind the clouds.

Full moon 25112015