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An early morning rainbow promising a nice sunny day.

Rainbow rain not over

enjoy the midweek day.


A soothing summer sunrise.

Gental daybreak

Have a super new week.

The appetising shade.

Glas eye oranges 2

The decorative shade.

Green and gold

The afternoon programme – cut the grass, do final shopping and pack for the trip – it is D Day minus 1.

All those golden hour photos had me sulking.  This is basically what we suffered for almost a whole week.

Gray hourc Gray hour winter 2013

But today we are enjoying a comfortable sunny day and a blue sky.

The motor gate and tree seen from my study.  Until about 10 am the rising sun dresses the tree in shades of grey, silver and yellow.

c Gate and tree

Noon and the weekend starts.

The day ends in gentle fashion

c sunset

It is Friday and we are entering the weekend again.  Have a super day.

The rising sun

c Spot of gold

Enjoy a lovely day.

Last light on Monday past.

c Last light 20130422

Half way to the weekend, I can’t believe how time flies.  Have a super day.

Red clouds in the sunset

c DSC_0002

Enjoy the day, the weekend is here.

Colourful  buildings in Strand Street, Cape Town

c Colours

Time flies, gosh it is Friday again.  Have a good one the weekend is here.