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Had a great surprise yesterday.  My wife boiled three eggs needed for lunch.  When she cut the first one open it had a double yoke and subsequently so did the remaining two.

Double yokes

Now we are patiently waiting to see what the rest of the six pack container will yield.

Enjoy a great Christmas Eve.

If I may say so myself in a non-biassed manner my wife will give any of the international cooks/chefs competition in her expertise in the kitchen.  With almost 40 years in cooking in five different countries, albeit home cooking I think she deserves it.  For me I claim to be the world’s best drooler watching the stove and the oven.

Buttermilk rusks drying out in the oven.

Rusk drying out

Sorry no pic of me as the drool smudged the lens!

Have a great Friday evening wherever you find yourself.

Sunday past was a winter’s day to book and called for roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  My wife decided to try a Jamie Oliver recipe for the Yorkshire pudding instead of her traditional one.

Yorkshire 3

The end result according to my taste was these world famous chefs are not necessarily better, the wife’s traditional Yorkshire pudding outshines that of Jamie’s by a thousand meals.

Have a super Friday.

Anyone for freshly baked buttermilk rusks?


The weekend is done, hope it was a good one.

I have posted this pic of the gingerbread house MBH made before.

Gingerbread house 4

However, MBH also has a creative imagination and adapted the roof texture for the next batch and this is the change she brought in.

Different roof

The second does leave the imagination of a snowed on roof, albeit you will not find snow in South Africa this time of the year. To be honest I do not know which to choose.  All I know is that a lot of work goes into every gingerbread house.  Have a great midweek evening.

As Christmas is rapidly approaching MBH embarked on a project baking Ginger Bread Houses which will be distributed amongst family and friends.  Here an example of what she is producing.  This is the first one and has already been given to the recipients.

Gingerbread house 2

Gingerbread house 1

Gingerbread house 4

Have a pleasant evening.