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If I may say so myself in a non-biassed manner my wife will give any of the international cooks/chefs competition in her expertise in the kitchen.  With almost 40 years in cooking in five different countries, albeit home cooking I think she deserves it.  For me I claim to be the world’s best drooler watching the stove and the oven.

Buttermilk rusks drying out in the oven.

Rusk drying out

Sorry no pic of me as the drool smudged the lens!

Have a great Friday evening wherever you find yourself.


The most popular choice as the main dish was the Chef’s hamburger special which had the beef patty smothered in a cheese, bacon, avocado puree and heavens know what else.

The more adventurous amongst us chose

a chicken and cheese dish

and the duck in a red wine sauce

The meal was eventually rounded off with a delicious chocolate cake in a truly home made fashion.

Unfortunately Somerbosch lacks the views many of the other wine estates are blessed with, but then we went there for the food and were not disappointed. Anyway, in the distance one could see Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak.

and Helderberg somewhat closer

Naturally I purchased some wine that came home with us and will wait patiently in the wine rack for the correct opportunity to be opened.  Humpday and the week is almost gone, nevertheless enjoy your day.

Here in South Africa we have a very special delicatessen which is called “biltong”.  Biltong is raw meat spiced with vinegar, salt corriander and black pepper (some even add chili) and then air dried. The closest non-South African version is perhaps the American jerky, but it is not the same.

Now here is where we become funny people when it comes to eating meat. Some want their cooked meat rare, some medium rare, some medium and some well done. Yet they all eat biltong. I can see many of my country folk shudder at this dish.

Rare fillet and baked quince slices

Have a super Saturday.