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An autumn daybreak over Cape Town.

Autumn daybreak

Have a joyous start to the new week.


Yesterday’s dawn  after the night’s storm

c After the storm

Have a super day.

In response to Sue’s challenge this week ( ) here two pics I took some time ago.

A gentle dawn

c Dagbreek 3 Mei 2010

A fiery dawn before the storm

c Dagbreek 20081129 2

Enjoy the day.  Here it will be chicken on the grill as the weather is playing along beautifully.

These pics were taken between 7:25 and 7:30 this morning.  I wonder if that red sky in the morning is our rain warning.  Presently the sun is shining, but the clouds are building up.

Dawn, view to the east

View to the north

View to the south with the cold front rolling over the mountain

Anyway the weather from tomorrow including the weekend looks promisingly good.

The gentle sunset

was followed by a soft dawn

Hope all had a good night’s rest and enjoy the day.

Dawn on Sunday past

Up and away later on the same day

Having a great sunshine day. Hoping for the same tomorrow when we will go hiking.