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A pale later summer sunrise

Pale sunrise late summer

Going to be hot again today.


Daybreak on the first day of summer.

Early summer daybreak

Enjoy the day.

Daybreak early Spring.

A Spring daybreak

Enjoy the day.

It was a cold 11 July dawn albeit that the sky was on fire.

Daybreak 11-716 b

Daybreak 11-716 a

Midweek again, enjoy the day.

This was what Friday past looked like at the start of daybreak. It was no vain omen, we experienced a true day of the Cape of Storms.

Approaching storm

We can say we are in winter now.  Sunsets are bleak and colourless, but dawn still offers something for the eye.

Misty dawn

Foggy morning

A pale sunrise

Pale winter sunrise

Much needed rain falling at the moment.  Have a super day and all fathers enjoy it.

A late autumn daybreak


midweek, enjoy the day.

A fiery horizon at an autumn daybreak.

Burning horisn

Enjoy the start of the new week.

An autumn sunrise over Cape Town


Enjoy the day.

With my Mac in for repairs and a lack of photos on the old standby laptop I feel completely lost.  Yes, I have read the news, or what was worth reading and not too depressing, but sitting here at 5 am hungering for photos is not what I will call an uplifting situation to be in. The two cats have had their first meal of the day and the two dogs are happily snoozing their way through daybreak. Already on my second mug of coffee as is my custom being an early riser.  The door to garden is open allowing not only the fresh daybreak air in, but also the sounds of the chirping birds welcoming the new day. Start of the final month of 2015. Enjoy a super day.