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It is amazing how one when caught in a true drought scheme and plan how to capture water and keep within the limits of the restrictions on the use of water. I altered a down pipe to divert the little water when we had drizzles as well as water collected from heavy dew to be captured in all possible containers available so that at least we could save some of the garden.

Harvesting water

The chain in the pipe is to insure the captured water flows into the container without splashing all over the place.

Early morning dew drops on an electric fence

c Dew drops electric fence

Was tempted to tap them off guitar string style, but experience  taught me one does not fool with those wires.

Overcast with occasional showers, mostly dark with a little sun by occasion. Sure it is winter here.

So being confined to the indoors let me post some small trivialities captured by the camera.

A Hadeda in a tree in the back yard

Flowering plant in a square pot and a camera lens

A dew drop on a leaf

Enjoy the rest of the day.