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More faces from the pack.




And our two

No more lampshade

Soft face

Enjoy the day.


It is virtually impossible to refuse this face anything.

A face one can't refuse

Have super day.

A few pics taken at the last training session.

Piggy back

Piggy back



Scotland the brave



Even a Hadedah joined at a safe distance


Enjoy a super day.

Zizi taking a high speed turn while at training.

Zizi at high speed

She surely knows how to keep warm on a cold winter day and burning up her energy at the same time.

However, for us mortals also fighting the cold there is Mystic the mobile coffee shop where one can buy a steaming mug of tasty coffee to try and warm up from the inside.


Midweek again as time races on, so enjoy.

Standing patiently waiting for the next command.


At play pulling my chum’s ear.


We are in for a true winter Tuesday with flood and gale force wind warnings. Enjoy a super day wherever you are.

The other Sophie in the class.

Other Sohie

She is well behaved and very friendly, but not my favourite breed.

Friday again so enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Had two bulldogs at dog training this morning and managed to snap them well, albeit I had to virtually lie flat down.

Old Joe

Buldog 1 Joe

A newby and did not get its name

Buldog 2

A major problem at photographing dogs in a pack is that one dare not go lie down to click the better shot as I have discovered in the past. ¬†Once flat on the ground you have lowered yourself to their level and they see it as an invitation to play and you get swamped by excited dogs slobbering over you AND the camera’s lens!!

Enjoy a super midweek evening.

PS Could not ask for two kinder loving heavy snorters ūüôā

It is not to easy photographing dogs in a pack playing due to the fact they are mostly in a bundle obscuring their playful poses.  At times two or three will break away from the pack giving one, if noticed in time the opportunity to a shot or two in.

Big play 1

Big play 2

Have a super evening.

Our two pooches are at me.  They feel they deserve more credit than only shining on FaceBook and are insisting on space in WordPress too and not only the other dogs at training..  So here we are.

Sitting pretty.

Sitting well trained

Sophie dozing and Monty alert.

Monty alert Sophie not

We are enjoying a fabulous Spring day.  Have a pleasant evening.

This little guy was very unsure of the situation and timid at first.  But once he got the hang of things and befriended the bigger dogs it was all wild playing.

The timid one.

Youngster not sure

Gosh, Friday again.  Enjoy the day.