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One of the more cute ones at training, gentle and friendly.

Short week for us in South Africa. Enjoy the start of the week wherever you are.

Even from behind one can see how alert this guy is.

Taken at dog training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

He is a big one and so friendly.

Enjoy the day.

A well behaved pack of dogs at training.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Having line problems like in no telephone line and this resulted in re-activating my VodafoneMobileWifi which is damn expensive. Nevertheless two pics chosen at random from my archives.

Checking for pmail.

A kite over head.

Enjoy the weekend.

Our Monty

The other Monty at training.

Enjoy the day.

Both young and in training.

Have a blessed midweek day.

A very playful boerbull pup at training. Amazing to think he is still growing.

Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

A happy face.

Have a super day.

Getting the pack together.

Ready to charge.

The sweet little white mop.

Enjoy the weekend.