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bare foot the formal boys dress during summer here.

Bare foot

This Boerbull pup still has a lot of growing to go through.

Boerbull pup

Midweek again, enjoy to the fullest.


It is always moments of joy when taking our pooches to training. To see how the dogs in the pack interact with each other and the antics some get up to on their own.

This is one of the wild ones and in a rare brief calm moment I managed to catch him.

Caught in a calm moment

A beauty in own right


The two biggest greeting


Maybe, just maybe someone dropped something to eat here


And finally our two patiently lying down waiting for the command to come

Waiting for come command

Have a great start to the beginning of the new week.

Towards the end of the training session this guy decided it is time to lie down and did it right where he was.

Street relax

End of the work week, enjoy preparing for the weekend.

……… he is going to grow into a very big dog judging by the size of his feet.

The new Rottweiler pup at class.

rottie pup

Enjoy the midweek day.

I am not in favour of spoiling dogs when they obey a command. They must learn to obey all commands regardless. However, it can lead to some entertaining pics when the dog spoilers dish out treats.

Beggars at class

Enjoy a super Saturday.

They were strapped in so could not jump out.


Yes, there were two.


Enjoy the day.

Daniel and pups.

Cuddels 2

Nothing better than spoiling them.

Enjoy the weekend.

Cuddles with the pups.

Cuddels 1

The nice part of socialising.

Enjoy a super day.

A young girl spoiling the small dogs at training, helping to strengthen the relationship between dogs and children.

Playing with small dogs

Enjoy a super day.

Daniel is the child of the car guards where we go for dog training and is a popular participant at all sessions.

Daniel with our two four legged babies.

Daniel and our dogs

Enjoy a super day.