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It is amazing how one when caught in a true drought scheme and plan how to capture water and keep within the limits of the restrictions on the use of water. I altered a down pipe to divert the little water when we had drizzles as well as water collected from heavy dew to be captured in all possible containers available so that at least we could save some of the garden.

Harvesting water

The chain in the pipe is to insure the captured water flows into the container without splashing all over the place.


Rain clouds approaching and we did get some rain, albeit far less than what we wanted, only 7mm (.25 inches).

Level 4b water restrictions remain in place in Cape Town. That means we must try to use less than 87 liters (23 US gallons or 19 imperial gallons) per person per day. Thanks to the drought water is no longer a commodity, it has become precious.

Enjoy the evening.

The final phases before we got the water. Installing the borehole lining.

The primary pump installed

The secondary pump at the water storage tank

There we have it strong water and now to save what is left of the garden

Enjoy the day.

…. bring a bit of rain which was better than nothing.

Beautiful promising clouds.

Enjoy the day of rest.

Long before the drought when we still had an abundense of flowers ans this Sunbird was a daily visitor to collect nectar.

Enjoy the new week.  Hopefully my landline will be restored today. Meanwhile skimping through at high expense on a VodafoneMobileWifi.

Water, more precious than gold.

The drought is really hitting us hard and we are under strict water restrictions pertaining to the use of municipal potable water like no washing of cars and gardens may only be watered by watering can or bucket for one hour on two days of the week and this must be done before 9 am or after 6pm.

This is what our lawn looks like at the moment.

They say we only have enough water at current use for 93 days left in the dams, but by then our rain season should hopefully be in full swing.

Enjoy the day.

Are we anxiously waiting for days like this.


The drought is hitting us hard.

Enjoy the weekend.

Enjoying some relief in Cape Town from high temperatures and one of the worst droughts in decades.  Since early morning we are blessed with showers giving much needed rain to gardens all round. However, this rain is not near enough to bring any relief regarding the strict water restrictions placed on the Metropole. These restrictions prohibits the use of hosepipes, two days a week for a maximum of one hour gardens can be watered by bucket or watering can, no washing of vehicles and pavings.

Clouds building up raising hopes for rain.

Clouds building up

Last year this time our lawn was green. This what it looks like now.

Drought stricken lawn

We can only hope that more rain will be forthcoming and especially in the catchment areas to fill our dams that together is down to 40% of the capacity of their full volume.

… the severe drought there are still some trees flowering.

Still flowering

Enjoy a super day.

In spite of the drought and strict water restrictions we still have some flower power.


Enjoy preparing for the weekend.