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A late autumn sunrise

Having the strangest weather at present. Yesterday our day temperature went up to 37C (98.6F) which is very unusual for the end of fall. Rain predicted for today but at 5am there was not a cloud in sight. Nevertheless, have a great day wherever you are.


….. autumn dawn.

Have a pleasant new week.

Half moon in late afternoon, March 2017

Enjoy a great evening.

Early autumn sunrises.

Autumn sunrise 1 2017

Autumn sunrise 2 2017

The saying red sky in the morning the shepherd’s warning did not materialise and it is dry as ever.

Have super start to the new week.

A late autumn daybreak


midweek, enjoy the day.

Our first truly autumn daybreak of the year.


Enjoy a super Sunday.

The first sign autumn is upon us and summer is of the past.

Autumn starting 2015

Enjoy a pleasant midweek evening.

Now I am convinced our autumn will arrive early this year.  Here the sign I saw this morning.

The first autumn leaves


Enjoy the day.

Mr and Mrs Hadeda on the neighbour’s roof enjoying the morning sun on an autumn day

c mr and Mrs Hadeda

Enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Autumn sunrise

c Painted sunrise 2

Enjoy a super day.