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Sunset on Fathers Day, Cape Town.

Ample rain expected this afternoon and evening. Have a good start to the new week.


Recalling Father’s Day on Sunday past I could not help recalling the meal I had.  The quality of the food was superb, but regretfully the quantity overshadowed my capacity and I had to send a dirty plate back.

Veal cordon blue, scrumptious

Veal cordon blue

After the meal and on the house a delicious grappa was served


During the time we spent at the lunch table the weather partially cleared allowing us this view of the Stellenbosch mountains seen from the Eikendal cellars where we met for the lunch.  A true sign of being winter is the brown leafless vineyards in the foreground.

Mountain view

Friday again and getting ready for the weekend.  Enjoy your day.

And yesterday was Fathers’ Day.   However, it was a double whammy Dad’s day and younger daughter’s birthday too.  An early morning phone call from us as she was not going to miss the Sunday morning cycle ride.  Then that was followed by a feast at Vergenoeg Wine Estate.  Vergenoeg for my friends abroad can be be translated as “Far enough”.  It is a beautiful wine estate with a superb  restaurant which is from heaven .  At the same time it was also our new niece’s  birthday and we were invited to brunch.  So Fathers’ Day was also a birthday celebration in our family.

The local birthday girl caught in an embarrassing moment

c Lauren

then our food

the eggs Benedict, not what i will call appetizing in appearance

c Benedict

then the Stabler’s breakfast and with all that cheese and cold meat a sure winner

c Sadler breakfast

but the winner, which I had, was the Farmer’s Luxury,  back bacon, fried mushrooms, tomato, ciapolato sausage, fried eggs and toast plus croissant

c Farmer Luxury

and the the secenery.

The mountains to the north

c Mountain View

and the road through a mild forest into the estate

c Through the forest

Monday is almost done, enjoy the rest of the day.