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An early winter morning scene in our suburb.

Thursday past.

Fog 1

Fog 2

Fortunately the drivers were careful and no collisions were reported.

Enjoy the day.


Usually when we get fog it is more a light mist and occurs around sunrise.  Last Friday was an exception to the rule.  Sunrise was a non spectacular event, but then at 8:30am a sudden bout of fog rolled in enveloping our suburb in semi darkness.

Morning fog

The foggy morning lasted until after noon when the fog started to lift and the sun slowly became visible again.

Morning fog sun breaking through

Enjoy a super midweek day.

Ah, we are in the swing of autumn with misty early mornings.

Morning mist

With our electricity production crisis we are again in for load shedding, read deliberate black outs, today.  However, it is not a great problem as we can upgrade to other sources of energy.

Upgraded from eletricity

Enjoy the afternoon.

When discussing hiking trails in the Table Mountain National Park, and there are many believe me, Bertie’s Balcony stands out as the number one for me.  It is a long trail and not easy surface wise but I will not rate it difficult.  The reason why I am so fond of this trail is because of the breath taking rock formations.  Yes, I am afraid I must admit that rocks and rock formations speak to me like flowers, scenery and animals. Previous hikes on Bertie’s Balcony were in bright sunshine as opposed to this month when the mountain was draped in missed and fortunately not fog because that would have cancelled the hike.  We took our chance and hit the trail, a chance that came off.  Due to the mist most rock formation and outstanding rocks could not be photographed,  I took my chance and set the camera on manual.  Shuttter speed 60/1 and F stop 7, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  Below some of my successful pics and I must be honest these pics and those in the follow up post were really taken in an eiry atmosphere.  The rocks and formations looked completely different to the previous hikes.

Heading towards the summit, one of many.


Looks like fog is going to replace the mist.


The path just crossed.


No, it is not going to tumble.






Have a super evening.

PS My Mac has been seen to and the gremlins removed.

Had our first hike of the year from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, through the Newlands Forest up to above the Contour Trail on the slopes of Table Mountain, then towards Constantia Neck past the Reservoir and Back to Kirstenbosch.  I have quite a number of photos to download and exercise home censorship on.  For photography the weather did not play along at all.  It was 100% overcast, not a single ray of sunshine to add some contrast to the scenery.  This rendered the dial/clock/time piece in the Kirstenbosch Gardens out of service.


Waiting for overnight guests to arrive any minute now.  Have a super evening.

The rising sun breaking through the morning mist.

Rising sun in morning fog

Enjoy a super day of rest.

c DSC_0032

Enjoy the day.

Decided to give the Word a Week Challenge : Distant a try.

Part of Cape Town harbour with distant hills in the misty hazec Distance 1

Part of the city center, the Cape Flats and the distant Hottentot-Hollands mountains towering over the winter hazec Distance 2

The above photos were taken this morning from the Swiss Consulate situated on the 26th floor of Thibault House in midtown.

Early morning strollers in a winter fog this morning

c Strollers in fog

Yes it is cold out there.  Enjoy the Friday.

Was one of those typical autumn mornings today which pointed out how diverse conditions can be in Cape Town the city which is hugged between two oceans – the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian.  Where we live there was no sing of fog neither mist, in fact it was rather clear.  On our way to Ottery to go collect our renewed driver’s licenses some five kilometers away we suddenly found ourselves traveling in a rather thick mist that called for caution on speed.

c Mist Ottery RoadThe photographer was not, repeat not, driving 😀

Towards noon I had to be in in Observatory to assist a new tenant, have the lease contract completed and signed.  Now on a clear day from the apartment one could see the Grootte Schuur Hospital where the world’s first successful heart transplant was performed by Dr Chris Barnard.  This was the view today – you may spot part of the hospital.

c Mist Observatory

At least the Anglican Church stands out clearly.  Now, I won’t complain about these conditions.  Had I been a passenger on a flight departing Cape Town’s airport I think I would have been somewhat annoyed.  Where we had the mist, or were just below it, our airport due to fog was closed down for both departures and arrivals.  The airport eventually opened and returned to normal at about noon.   Just shows what can happen if your city is hugged between oceans.  Enjoy your weekend.