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Your choice for dinner, don’t be shy.


Have a great evening.


Our vacation in Switzerland with the kids and the grandies also had a very special meaning.  On 1 May this year it will be exactly 50 years ago my wife and I arrived inBerne, Switzerland, as junior diplomats at the Embassy.  Almost four years later our elder daughter was welcomed to life in the Sonnenhof clinic.  However, 16 April was the big occasion and the photos below will explain with a minimum of words.

The restaurant on Lake Geneva

50th 7

The view over the lake of the Alps from the restaurant

50th 8

The food was out of this world

50th 4

50th 5

French fries in abundance

50th 6

Our son-in-law and an old friend from way back

50th 3

Our daughter and a friend from way back, our days in Paris

50th 2

And we celebrating our 50th anniversary (yes, it can still happen in modern times)

50th 1

Of course no Swiss restaurant is complete without a watch

Swiss watch

Enjoy the evening while we are still fighting to get over out Swiss Spring colds!

We are no strangers to supermarkets at home, they are as popular as gasstations. However, every time we visit Switzerland I find myself in awe as to the manner in which the Swiss run their supermarkets, spacious, well organised and as far as display is concerned the Swiss are masters of the art.

Processed meat on display

Migros 1

Enough varieties of cheese for Africa as we say at home

Migros 2

A selection of cooking oil to confuse the mind

Migros 3

Enough pasta to even confuse an Italian

Migros 4

At the entrance a special display of products from Madagascar (the country changes regularly) for those interested in buying something from far away places.

Migros 9

Our first week here is behind us and eighteen days left before returning home.  Enjoy preparing for the weekend and remember be sceptical today it is April Fool’s day.

To celebrate the christening of nephew and niece’s baby we went to a lovely restaurant on a wine estate in the Stellenbosch district.  The restaurant is called Towerbos (Magic Forest) and the cuisine lived up to the name – it was magic. The inviting section under the trees, but at 40C (104F) we opted to sit inside where it was a wee bit cooler.

Under the trees


Inside, our table set and ready


Some pics of old collectable used as decorations


Before the computer and texting age


Wine flasks from some sixty years plus ago


Wines on promotion


And the menu


Surely a place to go revisit again and again.  End of the week, enjoy your Friday and I hope not as hot as ours are predicted to become – 34C (93.2F).

Fairview’s shop shares the same floor with the wine tasting section and is not strange to notice shoppers shopping with a glass of wine in one hand.



But the main attraction seems to be the cheese and related foods section.

Breads to crave for



And the rest of the items to choose from




After completing the cheese shopping we left for Jonkershoek outside Stellenbosch for lunch at the Postcard Café.  More about that to come.

Enjoy a super start to the new week.

(Note: The photos above were taken with a new lens (Sigma 18mm to 300mm) I have acquired and no flash was used.

It is lunch time and enjoy.

Roast and potatoes done on the Weber.

Roast and potatos

Don’t worry, I did clean the pans myself — uhm, only the next day.

Christmas lunch this year had no turkey (loved it!), but between the gammon, the fillet, the chicken, etc we had a ball over eating in the festive atmosphere.






Enjoy a fabulous Boxing Day.

Living in sunny South Africa (not always though!) cooking outside, as we say braai (BBQ), is a favourite over weekends.  I have in the past posted on this great habit of ours, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that when I do the braai here I include the dogs on the menue.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Must watch the dogs’ part carefully as it could easily burn and if we do not like burnt food why must they.  We enjoy anything from chops (lamb or pork) and sausage through to roast beef or pork with crackling.  The pooches however get their own speciality of the week.

Oh for the marrow and the bone.

Honne braaivleis

Sometimes there will be a third and that one’s marrow comes my way.

Going hiking today and hope I make it with a lingering cold and conjunctivitis regardless.

Enjoy a lovely day.

Hopefully if plans work out in six weeks we will be in Switzerland.  Plane tickets bought , the house sitter organised and now only the Schengen visa schlep to finalise.  Looking forward to that visit and the enjoyment of seeing the grandies again.

Three shots of my early morning view for many a day.

Alps 1

Alps 2

Alps 3

And conditions permitting  the Mont Blanc in France in the distance.

Alps 4 Mt Blanc

The rain has stopped so hopefully some sunshine days ahead.

Enjoy the evening, bangers, fried onions and mash potatoes this end of the woods.

If I may say so myself in a non-biassed manner my wife will give any of the international cooks/chefs competition in her expertise in the kitchen.  With almost 40 years in cooking in five different countries, albeit home cooking I think she deserves it.  For me I claim to be the world’s best drooler watching the stove and the oven.

Buttermilk rusks drying out in the oven.

Rusk drying out

Sorry no pic of me as the drool smudged the lens!

Have a great Friday evening wherever you find yourself.