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The first full moon of our winter seen over Cape Town.

Enjoy a blessed day.


….. full moon of 2016 seen over Cape Town on 16 December at 05H47.

Last full moon 2016

It was also the final super moon of the year.

The Christmas full moon rising over Cape Town on Christmas eve.


The last time this happened was in 1977.

To one and all I wish blessings and peace on this this day.


Full moon over Cape Town 25/26 November 2015.

Trying to hide behind the clouds.

Full moon 25112015

Full moon rising over Cape Town, 1 July 2015



Can’t believe it, it is Friday again.

Enjoy your day.

In the dark of the night.

Full moon Feb 2015

Setting in the sunrise hours.

Full moon Feb 2015 setting

Have a blessed day.

The first full moon of the new year waning.

First full moon 2015

Enjoy the weekend.

So on Saturday past we had the last full moon of the year. All indications here were that it could have been fully overcast, but my luck held to a certain degree.  For a starter there was a howling wind blowing ruling out the use of a tripod leaving me to chancing my luck with free hand shooting.  Secondly the sky was far from clear with a strong haze and a smattering of fast drifting clouds.  Nevertheles I tried my luck and here some of the results.

Full moon 6 December 2014

2014 last full moon 1

2014 last full moon 2

Enjoy the new week and start hof the holiday season.

The September full moon.

Taken on a clear evening twenty four hours before the actual full moon.

Almost full moon waxing

With a steady Southern wind blowing the air was full of dust making for a red full moon in the night sky.

FUll moon Se 2014

Have a super day.

As the fickle finger of fate wanted it no Friday 13th full moon was visible from here due to the sky being fully covered by cloud.  It was as if on a premonition I took pics of the 99,99999% full moon on the evening of the 12th when to the eye it looked like a 100% full moon

Maan 20140612 a

… and this one twenty minutes later

Maan 20140612 b

Then on the 14th this lucky one of the moon setting

Maan 20140614

Shortly after this shot was taken the sky clouded over fully and this is wat 90% of our morning looked like.

A winter deluge.

Deluge 20140614

Enjoy a super Saturday evening.