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We can almost say the coldest part of our winter is over.  Already some shops are displaying spring merchandise like the wheelbarrows at a close by hardware shop.


Enjoy the start of the new week.


There comes a time that serious thought must be given to trees in a garden, whether the tree must go or can it stay.  We have just been through that exercise.  A tree was planted too close to the boundary and started damaging the border wall between us and a neighbour.  There was no manner in which both wall and tree could be saved and the tree had to be sacrificed.

The tree on Saturday morning

Tree 2

Then came Saturday afternoon

Tree 4

Tree 5

Tree 6

Tree 7

By evening this was all that was left

Tree 8

Fortunately it was not an indigenous tree and that soothed the sadness somewhat.  Soon we will become used to the empty space along the driveway.

Enjoy a super new week.

A gardener cutting a hedge.

the gardener

Yes, spring is in the air.

Have a super weekend.

These are for gardens, too large for patios.

Pots for plants 2

Going to have another spring day  in August today, but winter will be back in the coming week.

Enjoy a blessed day.

A selection of flower pots for the garden and patio on

sale at a nursery.

Pots for plants 1

The first week of August is gone.  For us in the southern hemisphere  it means one week closer to Spring when gardening really takes off.

Have a super Friday.

Eventually our spot of bad weather cleared up and the rain and cold stopped.

End of the storm

Got to cutting the grass this afternoon and all that is left after the strong winds is now to clean the gutters of leaves tomorrow, but it looks like Thursday and Friday will be back to the winter rut.  Enjoy the evening.

c Hibiscus

Have a super day.

With the manner in which the weather has sabotaged the camera I am down to the archives for material.  The problem is the confusion on what to choose – it is almost as if I am suffering from blog block.  Every year during November in the village of Elgin there is an open day when many people open their gardens for visitors to come see their horticultural expertise.  Below a few pics taken by me during such visit.

Pin cushions (Protea family)

An aloe variety

Rose garden

Wishing all a pleasant Monday and a super week ahead.

Here at home there are two passions, me and photography and my wife and gardening. Now where I do my thing alone my wife has two avid assistants to help her. However, we won’t call their help an advantage other than creating work.

It was a flower bed

Another attempt to restore the flower bed will be made today and hopefully it will be successful and that assistants like this one will be kept away.

Whose at the gate?

Have a super day.