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This guy merrily walked into my study, saw me and got out like lightning.



Enjoy the evening.


Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east and lying snugly against a mountain range weather forecasts for Cape Town can merely be seen as rough indications of what to expect.  This stormy weather to the most surprising early spring days.

23 August, a cold sunset warning us of a looming storm on approach

Cold August sunset

The following day, lo and behold, no storm and the first blossoms of spring burst out during the night

First blossoms

Caught this Hadeda as it was about to take off from a sunny spot beneath the apple tree where the first blossoms made their appearance.

Hadeda taking off

Have a blessed day.

A pair of Hadedas made a nest in a tree in the garden of our back neighbours.  Their chicks hatched and by some miracle I did manage to get a pic.

Hadeda and chicks

If the forecast for today is correct we are in for heavy rain to take us into the weekend.

Enjoying the final warm rays of the setting sun.

Enjoying late afternoon sun

Midweek again, how time flies.  Have a blessed day.

Unexpected visitor at my study door.


I waited patiently for the Hadeda to walk into my study, but my patience did not pay off.

Enjoy a super day.

Hadedas are daily visitors in our garden.  Sometimes they can peacefully graze, but fairly often the dogs will get out of hand and chase them off.

Sophie and a Hadeda.

Hadeda take off 2

Up and away.

Hadeda take off 1

Enjoy a super day.

A Hadeda hatching high up in a tree in the garden

Hadedah on nest

Midweek already, enjoy the day.

In the garden of the neighbours behind us stands an old Oak tree.  I am not going to complain about all the leaves we have to sweep up as such complaint will serve no purpose and we will still have to sweep up the leaves.  A couple of weeks ago we noticed a Hadeda couple building a nest high up in the tree.  The result was an increase in the Hadeda population about a month ago.  We could vaguely follow the progress from below as the chicks were fed by the parents and grew bigger and bigger.  On Sunday we thought that the chicks have reached flying age but have not yet left the nest.  This morning our suspicions were confirmed and here a few pics I took g when the family spent some time on our roof.

Ma, Pa and one chickc Hadeda and chicks  3

Ma and two chicksc Hadeda and chicks 1

Nothing like a wing stretch next to Mommyc Hadeda and chicks 2

As my luck happened I could not get pics of the whole family together because, when they were ready for the family photo, my camera’s battery was ready for charging.  Comes from ignoring the little voice last night.  It is now only a matter days I guess and the chicks will leave the nest and be off on their own.

Caught this earthworm thief in the garden.  The dogs chased it.

c Earthworm thief

Enjoying a sunny day, hope yours is the same.

Mr and Mrs Hadeda on the neighbour’s roof enjoying the morning sun on an autumn day

c mr and Mrs Hadeda

Enjoying a lovely sunny day.