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Say no more. Enjoy  the day.


Six years ago we adopted Sophie as a rescue dog from the Animal Welfare Society in Philippi.  She was a young guestimated to be some four years old pooch full of loving character.

Beautiful pose 2

As time moved on she did not get wrinkles like we people do, she developed othematoma in her left ear.  After several attempts to save the ear we admitted it was a futile attempt so we opted for the final solution to relieve her from the discomfort and pain of an ear constantly swelling up due to the accumulation of dead blood in it.  In spite of the unbalanced appearance she still remained a beauty catching the attention of all around her.

Good ear 1

Now, three years later othematoma struck the other ear.  Unsuccessfully we again tried the healing to save the standing up ear, but again our attempts were doomed to failure and it was off to the vet’s hospital yesterday.

Cold in bed

Brought her home yesterday afternoon late much to the delight of Monty who gave her a welcome back like it was going out of fashion.

Othematoma back home 1

Tomorrow the plaster will be removed and with two floppy ears we know she will still be a precious canine beauty, the queen of the home

Othematoma my ear

Enjoy a great evening.

The past weekend for me was not what I will call a pleasurable weekend.  It was in fact a weekend of suffering as I was deprived of the pleasure of indulging in solid foods.  With a colonoscopy scheduled for this morning I was strictly limited to liquids – water and clear juices like apple juice.  On Saturday I was allowed a boiled egg and dry white toast, poached egg and clear chicken soup.  Sunday was the crunch with a boiled egg and dry white bread toast for breakfast and there after only clear liquids every hour.  The less said from 2 pm onwards the better as the laxatives then came into play.  From 10 pm last night until after the colonoscopy was done this morning  not even a sip of water.  Did I miss my 4:30 am coffee this morning.  Not nice to start one’s day with a dry throat. The discomfort of the day had my memory go back to last month and the lunch we had when visiting Ivoire across Lac Lemans in France.  So here what soothed my mind’s eye.

A lunch in Ivoire

Parma ham, cheese and salads

Ivoire 060

Toasted French bread and cheese with salad

Ivoire 061

The above two were starters

French fries and fish as maincourse

Ivoire 063

Not a great fish eater I opted for a beef steak tartare as my main course

Ivoire 064

and the deserts were killers

Ivoire 067

Ivoire 068

With this culinary history behind me I guess I can not complain about two and half a day of discomfort.  The colonoscopy process went off well and was less of a discomfort than the two days preceding it.  With the medical adventure behind me I will admit I feel on top of the world again now that the weak narcotic has been slept off.  The aim for tonight is to go make a pig of myself dinner time.

Was a long journey. All in all from home to home twenty hours.

Tutkish getting ready

A Turkish airplain being prepared for flight at the Istanbul airport.

Somewhere along the line during the final days of our visit I contracted conjunctivitis in one eye which, in turn, managed to get to the other during the flight.. So for me it was from the airport home and from home to the doctor.  Sitting here half blind sorting out the keyboard and the screen.  Banned from driving which is not what I will call a pleasant sitution to be in. Thus if I am missing tomorrow you will understand.  Have a super day.

OK, OK, it is a fancy medical term for a sore throat and his face says it all

c Fed up

It still does not stop him from chaotically charging out of the house to go and bark at the gate.

Monty has thigh muscles that he can really show off with

c Thigh muscles

Have a super Wednesday.

An ambulance helicopter that yesterday came in low overhead to land at the hospital down the road.

c DSC_0020

Enjoy a great day and have a super week.

I am not one for posting long blogs as I firmly believe very few of us really have the time to fully read long blog posts as we have responsiblities as well as other interests demanding to share our available time.  Therefore, instead of posting one long blog I opted for truncating it into two or maybe three blogs.

This year is the centenary of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town.  As I have in the past posted many photos taken there please forgive me if I duplicate.  The photos, all speaking for themselves were taken yesterday when we went there again as the garden changes along with the season the boredom of repeat is almost non existent.

Amongst others the garden also has a trail catering for the blind who can come and enjoy the walk, the aroma of flowers and the enjoy the fresh air.  The trail which has a rope flanking it which the blind can hold on to has knobs at intervals where there are points of interest.  On the back of the information board the information is available in Braille to enable the blind to also share what we the different people experience.  The duration of the hike is about thirty minutes.

Now for some pics taken yesterday.

The headquarters of the South African Botanical Society

c BSofSA Headquarters

The Kirstenbosch sundial claimed to be the most accurate in the Southern Hemishpere

c Kirstenbosch sundial 1

Protea repense

c Protea repense

Flowers of the River Indigo, also known as the Red Bark tree

c River indigo flowers

Tradisionally it is claimed that an extract made from the flowers destroys intestinal worms and in particular round worms.

That is it for now. More to follow. Have a great evening.


Well folks you will not believe this but on Monday we fetched a cow at the airport.  This is no ordinary cow.  It is a cow with humility and passion.  She flew all the way from Lanseria in Gauteng to Cape Town and, with a collection tin, conned other passengers on the flight to donate their small change to the cause of  CHOC a non-profit charity organisation taking care of children who fell victim to the great C – cancer.  See my blog entitled The Big C dated 27 September 2012.

The arrival of a Cow

Tessa is cycling  as part of a team known as  The Cows (male members are known as the Bulls) whose sole purpose other than the joy of cycling is also to participate in fund raising activities for CHOC and its aims in supporting children with cancer.  More about the cows and their activities can be gained at .

Last year the aim of the Cows was to purchase a micro bus for the Cape Town branch of CHOC which they successfully managed to raise sufficient funds for.

The Cape Town bus of CHOC

This year CHOC aims to purchase a house in East London that will be used as a hospice for children in the Eastern Cape who suffer from cancer.

Having lost family in the past as victims of cancer  I do have special sympathies and therefore have no shame to ask, in prudent fashion, my readers to consider making a simple small donation to the Cows’ effort in raising funds to help give children with cancer a better chance on life.  In Tessa’s letter below details of how and where to contribute is given: –

Hi everyone,

I have signed up to ride the 94.7 Cycle Challenge with “The Cows” in order to raise funds (and awareness) for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation. I need to raise a minimum of R6000 but would personally like to reach at least R10000. If I reach R20000 then I will even be able to ride in a cow suit – udder and all, so feel free to help me reach that. If I do qualify for a cow suit I promise to share photos ;-)

I have a givengain account at for donations. Givengain is a non-profit organisation that collects the funds and ensures that every cent donated goes directly to the targeted charity.  Donations can be made per credit card or electronic fund transfers.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else that you think would be willing to donate towards this cause.

Thanks and regards,


The cycle race which is sponsored by Momentum 94.7FM Cycle Challenge in Johannesburg will take place on Sunday, 18 November.

Thanks for reading this and please spare a thought.

Have an enjoyable Midweek day.

In my previous blog I made an error as regards the radio station. It is not Radio Jakaranda it is High Veld Stereo -OK I live in Cape Town the world’s laid back city and we are allowed errors.

Repeat of the Cow Bus, please sponsor, many R10, less than a Dollar can save many young lives

Wishing all a good health