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The first sign autumn is upon us and summer is of the past.

Autumn starting 2015

Enjoy a pleasant midweek evening.


Raindrops on a leaf.

Raindrops on leaf

Ah, today we will have sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Have a super day.

Autumn leaves have a tendency to cling onto the trees into winter.  One of the busy pass through streets here in summer is covered in a tunnel of green leaves as trees on both sides of the street inter-lock their branches engulfing the street in an aura of cool shade.  Early winter it all disappears and is replaced by the yellows and brown left over from the summer green.

Doordrift Road covered by an autumn left over.

Autumn leaves Doordrift Rd

Have a blessed day.

Summer leaves on the grass

Dry summer leaves

Enjoy the new week.

Cape Town is world known for its mountain known as Table Mountain which is part of the world renowned natural wonders.

Table Mountain from Table View

However in South Africa Cape Town is also known for two remarkable aspects, the mountain and the wind, especially with the inlanders like the folk of Gauteng formally known as the Transvaal. The wind is the the Southeaster which we Capetonians have named the Cape Doctor.  It is supposed to blow away all the evil, smog and name it, that pollutes the air around us, and believe me the Southeaster when the sun sinks behind our gracious mountain brings along a freezing night.  However, that is not all.  Most house owners like me blessed, or unblessed, with a swimming pool are not impressed with the Southeaster season as it is leave scooping time.

Bane of the Southeaster

Well, all said and done there is a new week approaching, enjoy it as we race down towards the year’s end.

c Lonely leaf

A lonely autumn leaf in the park.

Have a super day.

Not as colourful as last year, but still there.

c DSC_0003

c DSC_0004

Enjoy your autumn/spring Sunday.

I was walking around in the garden this morning hoping to come across something worthwhile a pic or more.  Lo and behold what caught my eye for the umpteenth time?  TELKOM’s sloppy work which we are now living with for more than two years.  We and the neighbours have given up complaining.  It is definitely not TELKOM’s sloppiness and negligence.  We are to blame because we are living here. Logic reasoning is it not.

TELKOM’s carec Sloppy Telkom

However there are always more to life than the mundane.  Suddenly found myself looking at a well known advertisement here in our garden and we are not even paid for it.  The sun caught the rain gauge at a strange angle and this is what I saw.

Just do it – Nikec Not Nike

Then the beauty of nature brought admiration and peace to the mind.  How beautiful can a simple leaf be, a simple leaf that passed its shelf life, or is that branch life.

Veins in a dead leafc Leaf veins

Have a great afternoon, tomorrow the week will be half way gone.

Ok, OK, I know it is Wednesday aka Humpday, but nothing wrong to turn it in to pet’s day – but then every day here is pet’s day.  Was a somewhat busy morning which involved deleafing the pool and that was a killer and I hope the wind will give me some respite in the days ahead.  Not really looking forward to this afternoon as we have to go a funeral of a friend that passed away over the weekend.  But anyway here some pics of the pets.

Monty and Pumpkin know how to spend a cold day

Paw sleep

Deep in dreamland

I would not like to be a mouse looking at Tigger from this angle

No matter the angle Sophie remains a beauty queen

No apologies for pet bragging 😉

Have a super day.

Been one of those mornings where none of my plans materialised due to unexpected events over taking all my intentions.  Saw a sunbird in the apple tree at the kitchen door, but by the time I sneaked back with the camera for a close up it was gone.  However, my eyes caught compensation subjects which then enjoyed my attention.

Rain drops on a branch

Rain drops on leaves

What happened to our promised sunshine I do not know.  Again we are trapped in a cold totally gray winter’s day in spite of believing it is spring.  Still a trip to the airport to do and then hopefully my day will be calmer after that.

Have a great midweek day.