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The first full moon of our winter seen over Cape Town.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Half moon in late afternoon, March 2017

Enjoy a great evening.

….. full moon of 2016 seen over Cape Town on 16 December at 05H47.

Last full moon 2016

It was also the final super moon of the year.

A waxing moon on its way to full moon. Photo taken midmorning.

Half moon Sept 10

Rainless clouds decorating the morning sky.

White clouds

Enjoy the midweek day.

July’s waning moon setting over Cape Town

July waning moon

Enjoy the start to the weekend.

The cusp of the solstice moon setting behind Constantiaberg, Cape Town.

Tip of the moon

The waning almost full moon setting over CapeTown two days after the solstice.

morning full moon solstice

Enjoy the weekend.

Constant dry cloudy weather hid the January full moon from us, but we may see the February full moon if one can go by the waxing gibbous half moon shining on our sky.

Half moon caught in the late afternoon’s setting sun’s light.

Gibous waxing Feb 2016

Have super day of rest.

Cloudy weather prevented me from catching a pic of the new year’s first full moon. ¬†However, luck allowed me to catch the waining crescent before the first dark moon of 2016

Waning crescent

Enjoy the start of the new week.

The Christmas full moon rising over Cape Town on Christmas eve.


The last time this happened was in 1977.

To one and all I wish blessings and peace on this this day.