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Living in sunny South Africa (not always though!) cooking outside, as we say braai (BBQ), is a favourite over weekends.  I have in the past posted on this great habit of ours, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that when I do the braai here I include the dogs on the menue.

Starting the fire.

Heritage braai starting 2014

Must watch the dogs’ part carefully as it could easily burn and if we do not like burnt food why must they.  We enjoy anything from chops (lamb or pork) and sausage through to roast beef or pork with crackling.  The pooches however get their own speciality of the week.

Oh for the marrow and the bone.

Honne braaivleis

Sometimes there will be a third and that one’s marrow comes my way.

Going hiking today and hope I make it with a lingering cold and conjunctivitis regardless.

Enjoy a lovely day.

Whenever I braai (BBQ) there is always a marrow bone for each dog as their special spoil of the day.  In character, especially when food comes into play, the two pooches differ like day and night.

Sophie received her bone and disappeared into the garden where the bone was buried in a place only she knows of to eventually be enjoyed later when it suites her.

Innocence of sweetness, only I know where that bone is

c Sweatness

Monty, the Boxer, is a different story.  Like all Boxers if anything is edible it must be eaten immediately, no space to banking it for later.

What do you have therec Whats up

Let me inspectc Sunday bone 1

Ohhhh Boy!c Sunday bone 2

Munch time and crunch time on the bone after the marrow has been licked outc Sunday bone 3

Relax all, only a very short week left and the weekend will be here.