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More pics taken in a supermarket.

Pawpaw, grapes and watermelon


Cheese for Africa


Meat for every taste


A cashier in the Christmas spirit


Enjoy the start of the last fourteen days of 2015.

Christmas lunch this year had no turkey (loved it!), but between the gammon, the fillet, the chicken, etc we had a ball over eating in the festive atmosphere.






Enjoy a fabulous Boxing Day.

Some more shots taken at the Morges market.

Breads, jams and cheese.

Morges market 08


Morges market 09

A selection of saucisse .

Morges market 10

Cheese, delicious cured meat and saucisse to choose from.

Morges market 11

Dresses, dresses and dresses.

Morges market 14

Flowers too.

Morges market 16

On our way home we saw the true sign that winter is here.  I think our luck will hold and we will enjoy comfortable to cold days until we return home on Wednesday before winter truly sets in, especially baring in mind our warmest cloths are suited for the Cape Town autumn climate.

First snow on the Jura mountains some fifteen kilometers away.

Snow Jura 23 Oct 14

Friday again and wishing all a pleasant weekend.

My intention was to start blogging about our second hike on the Kleinplaas Dam trail with emphasis on the flowers where the first hike emphasised the rocks and boulders.  However, had an experimental BBQ lunch this afternoon and decided as it is Sunday, the day of big eating, I should go and brag about a great success.  Sorry for those who prefer their meat well done/charcoaled/army boot soles style, but in taste to each his/her own.

Ma came across some Latin American recipes for Picanha (pronounced pee-can-yha) and went and bought the cut of meat – beef of course.  After having read through some recipes on the internet we decided to bring in a small change and I went to town on the Weber kettle machine.  The potatoes were par boiled in the micro for four minutes before in the jacket and all it joined the fire.  In the tin foil is half a butternut with a butter sauce.  The meat speaks for itself.

Picanha on Weber

And when according to taste the meat was done, this is what went to the palate.

Picanha on slice

Hope your Sunday lunch was as tasty.

It served me well for twenty three years and believe me it worked the work it was made for.  The fire grill and the roasting grill were only replaced once in this time.  On an average my guess is that it was used at least twice a week an some weeks more.  However, my old Weber charcoal eventually reached the end of its shelf life and had to be replaced just before Easter.  Somehow it was like the Easter Bunny told me to go spoil myself and buy a new Weber which I did last Wednesday.  The new Weber was inaugurated lunch time on Easter Friday with a simple braai (BBQ) for two.

Starting the fire

c Weber start

The finished result, roasted onions, roasted potatoes and coriander flavoured boerewors (farmer’s sausage)

c Weber done

this was supplemented with salad and a Merlot.

Measured 8mm (0.31 inches) rain last night and there is much more to come today and tomorrow.  The avid gardeners are delighted and are hoping it is sign of a nice wet winter coming.  I for one am not complain as it will give the chequebook a break from the water account.  Hope everyone is out relaxing today.

Here in South Africa we have a very special delicatessen which is called “biltong”.  Biltong is raw meat spiced with vinegar, salt corriander and black pepper (some even add chili) and then air dried. The closest non-South African version is perhaps the American jerky, but it is not the same.

Now here is where we become funny people when it comes to eating meat. Some want their cooked meat rare, some medium rare, some medium and some well done. Yet they all eat biltong. I can see many of my country folk shudder at this dish.

Rare fillet and baked quince slices

Have a super Saturday.

We are experiencing beautiful evenings as February draws to a close. Already one can notice the evenings are much cooler that earlier this month albeit that the days can still push the mercury into the low thirties. What I have noticed in our area is that autumn colours are already appearing giving one the impression autumn is going to arrive early this year.

Warm colours on a vine

Soon it will be a delight to drive into the wine lands of the Cape and to go have lunch at a cellar of choice. But then on the other hand it may be nicer to stay at home and indulge in the luxuries of a five star braai and, as there will be no driving, enjoy a superb wine of choice to go with the choice of meat like say a good Merlot.

Checking how the porchetta is doing


Hope everyone is having a super Monday.