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The past weekend was not a good weekend for us Capetonians. A massive fire in Houtbay some 20 minutes drive from here, but on the other side of the mountain on Saturday destroyed some 3000 shacks in an informal settlement and affected more than 15,000 people. Although we could not see the fire the wind direction blew the smoke our way and for most of the day we could but barely see the mountain range which is usually clear and sharp.

Constantiaberg covered in smoke.

Table Mountain barely visible.

Had to keep all windows closed to prevent the smoke coming into the house and this made us feel the heat of the day (33C/92F) more than usual.  Enjoy a super day.


….. same subject.

Table Mountain see from the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.




Enjoy a blessed day.

The Sentinel seen from the Chapman’s Peak drive.

Sentinel Hout Bay

Joy ride on the bay.

joy ride

Can’t believe it is weekend again. Have a super day.

After a night’s rain sunrise yielded a special view on the back of Table Mountain.

Morning sun Table Mountain

As a bonus we were also treated to a rainbow.


The weekend is here so please enjoy.

From my archives.  Mountain mist on the Bertie’s Balcony hiking trail.




Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Table Mountain seen from the suburb Milnerton.


Enjoy a super day.

From a distance it looked like snow on the summits of Muizenberg, but it was a strange way in which the rising sun lighted the mountain in the morning mist.

Summits lit by rising sun

A cold winter sunset seen over the slopes of Constantiaberg.

Sunset Constatiaberg

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday past was the last time we saw the sun and the Alps, since then it was cloud cover and rain and the same is expected tomorrow when we leave.  So I am sharing the last view of the Alps we had.




All that now remains is packing the cases, enjoy the final evening with the children and grandies.  Tomorrow will be off to the airport for the long journey home.  At least we have proof of the memories we will take with us.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Seen from the Jura mountains in the Spring mist is Mont Blanc over a hundred kilometres way.

Mont Blanc

Enjoy the evening.

The beauty of the Alps is that allows one to see it differently from different angels, yet it remains the same. The pics below were taken from a different angel and place to those posted earlier.

The Alps through my 300mm lens

Dif angle 300mm 1

Dif angle 300mm 2

Dif angle 300mm 3

Enjoy the day of rest.