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A bird watcher in Kirstenbosch.

Bird watcher

Enjoy the day of rest.


Recalling Father’s Day on Sunday past I could not help recalling the meal I had.  The quality of the food was superb, but regretfully the quantity overshadowed my capacity and I had to send a dirty plate back.

Veal cordon blue, scrumptious

Veal cordon blue

After the meal and on the house a delicious grappa was served


During the time we spent at the lunch table the weather partially cleared allowing us this view of the Stellenbosch mountains seen from the Eikendal cellars where we met for the lunch.  A true sign of being winter is the brown leafless vineyards in the foreground.

Mountain view

Friday again and getting ready for the weekend.  Enjoy your day.

It is freezing cold here, but I could not ignore this pic  of a gushing stream in the mountain.

Water gushing down.  Jonkershoek near Stellenbosch.

Gushing stream

Have a peaceful evening waiting for the new week.

As we approached the top of the plateau the trail flattened out and got much easier to navigate.


However, even on a hike mom’s duties never cease to exist, duties like tying the boot laces.


The colour of this little stream is due to the rust in the rocks, but nevertheless, being fountain water in an unpoluted area we all had a sip of the icy cold water.


At last we reached the top through this natural portal of rock.


Aiming for our lunch break spot along the Sirkelsvlei dam.


The kids got there first and grabbed the best sitting site on the rocks.


There are no trees so to speak of along the trail which in summer demands that the hiker takes along ample water to drink, but this tree pulled a fast one and died off towering over the smaller bush that barely makes the name tree.


Hope your Monday was blessed and enjoy the evening.

Food was put out for the birds, but the snitcher got there first.

Stealing birds food

Midweek again and enjoy the day.

Some claim it is edible but tasteless, however, definitely not for me.


A mushroom seen in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

On Thursday past we hiked the Jonkershoek trail to the Kurktrekker (Cork screw) or also known as the Second Waterfall.  In length terms the trail in fact is one of the the shorter trails, but in surface for me one of the more trying of all the trails.. It demands a ballet of balancing acts, not only on the more or less level sections but also where climbing up and struggling down inclines come into play.  Herewith below a few pics of the trail’s surface to make you smile at we the crazies of society.

At the start



Hello feet!


Crossing a rivulet trying to keep the feet dry!


One of the smooth level sections – a bit water logged I dare say.


This section was 100% dry – just laugh at the roughness!


The waterfall our final destination


More to follow, but that will be without reference to the surface of the trail, but rather the beauty of nature that blessed us.

An icy daybreak after the night’s stormy weather

Icy  daybreak

Enjoy a super day.

Winter truly arrived in all its glory yesterday.  As I am sitting here at 5:15 am it sounds like a tornado blowing outside with the force of the rain on the roof at times drowning the sound of the wind.  This also means the Golden Orbs are gone and hibernating.

Last of the Orbs

Last Orb

Our good fortune is true winter here lasts only for about three months and then we head for spring.

Enjoy a super midweek day.

Heavy rain on approach on Sunday morning past

Storm on approach

Have a blessed day.