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Wisdom on a branch.

Spotted Eagle Owl, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Enjoy the weekend.


At the time of our latest visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens we experienced tw0 great surprises.

Unfortunately the chicks stayed out of sight, but mother owl responded to the lens

Cape Speckeled owl on nest

This little baby testified to the increase of the tortoise population.

Baby tortise

Enjoy the day.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is not flora only and for the observant visitor there are many suprises in stock.

Camouflaged high up in a tree was this male owl keeping an eye on his female partner hatching her eggs.


His mate hatching the eggs.


A Bulbul


Was lucky to catch this guy out in the open.


A Sunbird collecting nectar


Got a nice close up of a Spur Fowl

Spur Fowel

Ever alert and fast but I did manage to get this shot of two Swee Waxbills.

Swee Waxbill 1

Enjoy a super day.

Wednesday past we went bird spotting at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  At the outset let me state as far as the birds were concerned I excelled in catching total flops.  Yet, there are one or a few more pics I will post as time goes on, but I am in no manner pleased with the end product and merely kept them for sentimental purposes.  However, as far as the flora pics are concerned I am a happy chappy so, under the same title (number changing), the plant life will also be blogged.

The spotted Eagle Owl who had me bend my neck backwards 90 degrees to get the pic above me


….and preening itself in the winter sun


Tis Friday the 13th and to crown it all full moon as well.  The moon is something to look out for.  If you do miss it there is no need for panic as you can catch the next full moon on a Friday the 13th during the year 2049!  OK, OK, don’t shoot me, but now and then a little useless information is not out of place.

Have a great moon watching evening.

As mentioned in the previous post the Kirstenbosch walk was to see birds and it was when photographing the Cape Leopard Owl that I lost sight of my group continuing with the walk.  The owls in the pics below are chill chickens but can already fly if they wish.  it was amazing in fact how people tame most of them were, but the warnings were there do not touch they can bite and a pretty nasty bite that will be.

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 02

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 03

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 04

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 06

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 11

Kirstenbosch  owl chick 10

and two owl photo snitchers

Kirstenbosch  photographer 1

Kirstenbosch  photographer 2

Enjoy a super Friday, the weekend is knocking on the door.

Albeit that we live in a city in our neck of the woods one can say it is very rural with the large number of feathery wild life about.  Yesterday evening moments before sunset a Cape Nonnie owl settled on a neighbour’s roof.  Had just enough natural light to click a pic or two before it took off towards some trees nearby.

c Owl1

We hope this is a sign of a weatherwise a good weekend ahead for us.  Enjoy the Friday.