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Blocked in by the visitor, fortunately there was no need for me to go out.

Enjoy a lazy after lunch moment.


A sure sign of the festive season encroaching upon us is the struggle to find parking at shopping malls.  However, at the Constantia Mall one is treated by the gorgeous view on the back of Table Mountain.

Client assistant, parked cars and the mountain.

View on the mountain

Enjoy the weekend with delight.

I do not wish to boast about my driving experience which has quite an international totem pole spanning over ten countries and three continents.  Often I crunch on my teeth and sigh with gratefulness when the near hit is behind me.  However, on Sunday past I had that moment of enough is enough brought about by the inconsiderate driver of the vehicle in the pic below.  Sent a copy of the pic to News24 and it has been published.

Inconsiderate parking

I had to wait to allow an oncoming car to pass the spot before I could continue as the width of the street did not allow for two cars to pass that spot at the same time due to the inconsiderate parking of the selfish owner of the parked vehicle.

PS Here in South Africa we drive on the left side of the road.

The behaviour of some drivers drives me round the bend.  Especially those drivers/car owners whose cars most probably belong to the bank or or some other financial institution.  Take hold of this – I will park my fancy car where I want to.

Park where wants

Lets make road/parking responsibilities a living pleasure.

Friday, so let your hair down and have a super weekend.\

Yes, Saturday blues trying to find a parking bay open.

Looking for parking

Wish one can save all the shopping etc for a Monday morning.

So we complied with our civil duty and went to the polling station to cast our votes.  Arriving at our designated voting station and found parking to be at a prime I imagined a long wait in the queue.

Finding legal parking space

Voters cars

On our walk to the polling station we passed a bus chartered by the DA to bring voters from a retirement village to come cast their votes.  The bus caused quite a commotion in the movement of traffic, but nobody seemed to care.

Bus for oldies from home

The signage to lead one to the actual polling station was clear and there was no question of where to now, but this was also the perimeter for camera usage as according to the electoral Act one now enters holy territory.


Of course you can guess who took up the challenge and I sneaked a photo of the queue ahead of us in.

Que to vote

Took an hour and ten minutes and the process was behind us.  Could not resist this pic of a little voter too young to vote.

To young to vote

And with the use of finger graffiti one is marked as having voted.

Proof of voting

So with the spot on my left thumb I wish all a pleasant midweek evening.

Some times finding parking at a mall can be quite some expedition.

Full house?

Cavendish parking

Did eventually find a spot.  Have a super day.

Familiar scenes at a shopping mall

Shopping donec Shopping done

Collecting shopping carts abandoned in the car parkc Collecting trollies

Looks like more rain coming, nevertheless enjoy the afternoon.

Here the recipe on how to spoil a Monday for others.


1 x 4×4

need to go shopping x 1


Get in 4×4 behind steering wheel

ride 4×4 backwards into street

find first gear and ride 4×4 towards shopping mall by following centre white line (at red traffic lights close eyes and continue waving at appreciative audience giving a honking symphony)

ride into shopping mall parking area and find vacant parking bay

ride into vacant parking bay

get out of 4×4, lock and go shopping taking your time

Yes the idiot and his/her KIA

I so wished that the acronym KIA would come into action = Killed In Action.  Being in South Africa I must wonder whether who ever was/is riding that KIA has a driver’s license, but drive I am sure is not in the make-up.  Amen

Hope your Monday so far has been more pleasant and less frustrating.

Before I get to the theme of this blog let me explain a bit about the aerial advertising in my previous blog which I titled “Skyvertising”.  Long before daylight I Googled “Mavericks” and this is what I found:-

Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club is South Africa’s most distinguished strip club with VIP lounges for pole dancing, lap dancing, strippers and private dancers.

Now for “distinguished” I will read “discreet”.  Sorry one destination not on my itinerary.

Finding parking at our area’s shopping centres has become a major problem as of late.  Yesterday I had to go to the shops to get some items needed by the workers installing a wooden floor in our house (more on that in a later blog) that replaces the old wall to wall carpeting. After circeling around luck came my way and I was the first to get to this parking bay.

As luck had it the car in the adjacent bay vacated the bay at that time and I could snatch the place for me.  The position of that carelessly left shopping trolly made it impossible for any medium size or larger car to get into that space.  Did my social duty and wheeled the trolly back to the super market and swopped it for a hand held basket.

Miserable weather, but with workmen all over the house I can not grab the camera and go do a disappearing trick.

Enjoy your day.