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Caught this Black Kite on the ground some time ago and thought I must share

Black Kite 1

Enjoy a great Friday evening.


Scavenger -a Friday morning scene

Scavenger 2

Have a super day.

They claim we are in Spring.  I am not so sure that this claim is very accurate.  Not only did our maximum temperature here reach a miserable 12C, but since five o’clock this morning we have had nothing other than water from above soaking everything outside.

Yes, it has been quite some time that the daylight darkness had me sit with a roof light on to let me see the keys on the keyboard.  I hope this is the last of our prolonged winter.  Even our pets are sulking.  Tomorrow the Kalk Bay final.  Have a great evening.

A quick break from Kalk Bay, but relax there is one more coming.  I just had to do the WordPress theme “Solitary” and I call it “Solitary Man”.

The open field where we do our dog training is also home to “Bergies” and “Bums”.  Wednesday evening I caught this Bergie installing himself for another night out in the open regardles the winter cold and wet weather.

Solitary Man

I must add the guy is mentally not all there and all attempts by social welfare to install him where his quality of life will be better fails time on time.  As soon as they turn their backs he is at home in the field again.

Kalk Bay is also situated on the railway line from Cape Town to Simonstown where the naval base is.  As such trains frequently pass by and the station is busy.  The train traffic also gives Kalk Bay an atmosphere of being a busy suburb which, in fact, it is.

Suburban train leaving the station

I mentioned in the previous post that Main Road is being upgraded and that because of that the traffic is rather congested.  This guy, however, struck it lucky and a clean easy rung through town.

A clear lane

Those travelling in the opposite direction did not have it all that lucky as can be seen and I am sure this sailor in a Navy car was longing for the open shipping lanes of the ocean.

To ensure that the traffic flows smoothly a number of traffic marshals are on duty.  How effective this guy is is debatable as he seemed to be interested in his mobile phone than the traffic.

As we all know smoking has been outlawed in all closed public places such as shops and restaurants.  The result is that if the urge for a puff becomes overwhelming one must venture outside to enjoy the pleasure. It is therefore nothing strange to see smokers enjoying their habit outside sitting on chairs or benches that restaurateurs often make available or otherwise one just stand around puffing away.

Smoke break

What really gives Kalk Bay its unique character is the many shops where one can browse and maybe buy memorabilia ranging from yesterday’s antiques to true antiques from the days of yonder years.

A browser’s delight

Brass and copper on sale

After meandering amongst the various shops we decided to go to the Brass Bell for afternoon refreshments.. Could not have chosen a better time as the tide was coming in.  More on this in the next post.

Being aware of the time factor I am not overly fond of posting long blogs thus giving preference to rather truncate to keep my postings short and manageable.  On Wednesday afternoon we visited that old favourite haunt of ours, Kalk Bay on the western shore of False Bay, and I plan to share some of the delights with you.

Kalk Bay harbour, always picturesque

My first stop was at the New Kalk Bay Modern gallery.  The New Kalk Bay Modern gallery and craft shop showcases an eclectic mix of local South African art talent along with quality crafts from developing community groups.  What attracted me there is a photo exhibition currently on display.  All photos are black and white and features a fantastic collection of the old South African masters of the era of monochrome photography.  Got permission to take this photo of three master pieces by Jurgen Schadeberg that were taken in the late fifties.

Three shots of Nelson Mandela

They are up for sale and all I can say is that the prices are far above what I as pensioner can ever dream of affording.

Main Road in Kalk Bay is currently being upgraded, both the street and the sidewalks, and believe me the traffic congestion is enough to scare one off.  Portions of the street allows for one lane only that must be shared by cars going on both directions which means driving turns that results in turn up to twenty minutes waiting times depending on one’s luck

Being a weekday and outside the tourist season did not put these two pedlars of the informal trading section off from trying to sell their merchandise next to the entrance to the Olympic Café.

This lady arrived with a group of friends to go and enjoy the offerings of the Olympia Café and instead of entering along with her friends she ended up pavement walking

Cellphone mania

Being a popular tourist attraction security features rather prominently in Kalk Bay and guards like this guy is not a strange sight in Main Road.

Keeping a close watch

Sitting on the curb making trinkets and so forth from wire was this fellow and his friendly and very well behaved Canine mix.  If I say the dog is in a very good condition I, as a dog lover, is making an understatement.

Good pooch

That then for the moment, more to come in follow up posts.  Raining cats and dogs here today so we are confined to barracks.  Enjoy the day, it is Friday again.

This plant is commonly called the Wild Dagga plant.  Dagga is our common name for cannabis (marijuana), but this plant has nothing to do with that drug.  The plant puts up a nice show in single fashion and even better in a cluster.

A Wild Dagga plant

When in bloom its flowers are very sought after by, in particular, our sun birds that thrive on the nectar inside the petals.

My guess is another two weeks and the flowers will be gone and we will have to wait for the cycle to complete itself again before we can enjoy the beauty and birds again.

Have a super day.

Once again we are back into the cold and these to are living it in true form

This weather is made for sleeping.

This one clearly shows his annoyance.

The late winter rains together with some slightly warmer weather are now bringing the garden destroyers out in droves.  Caught this one crossing the driveway at a leisurely pace.  Needless to say it is no more.

The snail

It is Wednesday, or as so many Bloggers are fond of saying Humpday.  By which ever name enjoy the day to the fullest.

When I booted the PC at 4:30 this morning I was greeted by that dreaded message that the server can not be found.  Then I noticed the link light on the modem was off.  Checked the telephone and lo and behold not even a scratch on line, which meant no line at all.  Later during the morning I heard that copper cable thieves stole cable during the night which amongst others left our suburb reliant on mobile phones only and those, like me, who work the internet through a landline system were down and out.  Anyway I survived the morning with a good book and the afternoon was spent in Kalk Bay.  More about the afternoon once I have worked through all the photos I took.
For now four pics of our cats at play.  The pics merrily speak for themselves and readers can give their own captions to each pic.

Now the two are bugging me for food thus let me sign off. Have a great evening.

PS Feels as if winter is back!!