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During a recent visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens I put on some naughty shoes and in addition to snapping flowers I sneaked in pics of some of the photographers having a great time.

Photographer 1

Photographer 2

Photographer 3

After 20 days my telephone line is back in commission and life is back to normal.  Enjoy a super midweek day.


When attending a public affair like a show I always keep my eyes open for other photographers, not to chat to them rather to capture them on camera.  The pics below were taken at the Alpler Fest in Lenk during our recent visit.

Shooting with the cellphone.


Getting close.


Zooming in.


Shooting off the knee.

Lenk Alper fest cows 38

Have a blessed and peaceful day.

Two unknown photographers.  Taken at a tourist point of interest some time ago.

c Photographer 1

c Photographer 2

Enjoy the day.