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This fellow joined our group this week.  He showed no anxiety and blended in as if he was an old hand.  Normally Ridgebacks are golden brown, but this one has an amazing dark colour and we immediately dubbed him Mr Cadbury.

Mr Cadbury

Weekend again and time to let the hair down.  Enjoy the day.


This is total sweetness.

White fur and pink nose.

Sweet white

Here we are Thursday afternoon already, so the weekend is upon us.

Enjoy a super evening.

Went to the dump on Monday to dispose of a load of recycables. Upon my arrival I noticed the effect of the amount of rain that fell during the preceding days.  The terrain was like a marsh and worse on the side where garden refuge is dumped for shreading.

A front loader loading shredded garden refuge into a truck of a compost making company.

Compost 1

By the way I did not get stuck.  Have a super day.

I have placed two photos earlier of a little Beagle puppy taken at dog training.  This puppy was bought via mail order from a breeder up north and upon arrival was found to have a broken jaw and cut tongue.  His new owners had him at the vet and treatment started to save the pup.  I am glad to say the owners along with the vet healed the pup and I saw it at training this morning happily chomping on a branch.  He is truly a sweeeety pie and shows no fear for the big boys. Here the pic of the youngest canine student in the class.

Beagel puppy

I have a feeling there is a great dog in the making.

Enjoy your evening.

Still very much a real baby, but was brought to class to see the big dogs.

Baby pup

A wee bit bigger than a hand.  Midweek again and July almost gone.  Have a blessed day.

This pup had no fear and the bigger the other dog was the greater his challenge to play.

Puppy no fear

Feels like a spring day today, but my suspicion is the weatherman only wants take us for a ride.

Enjoy a pleasant evening.

One very alert dog.

One alert dog

Enjoy the day.

We all approach the weather, hot or cold, in our own peculiar ways.  Now, is this reflecting the dog’s attitude or the owner’ s attitude towards being cold.

Dressed up for class.

Warm jacket

I posted this pic on my FaceBook page a few days ago, but thought I will also share it here.  Had it been Halloween I would have posted a cropped enlargement of the Boxer’s face, but such enlargement is too gruesome for normal times.

Our Boxer charging at full speed.

Catch me

Enjoy a great new week.

It is freezing cold here, but I could not ignore this pic  of a gushing stream in the mountain.

Water gushing down.  Jonkershoek near Stellenbosch.

Gushing stream

Have a peaceful evening waiting for the new week.