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Two photos from this week’s dog training session.

All sweetness.


Father of the month.

Father of the month

Enjoy the day of rest.


Yes, Saturday blues trying to find a parking bay open.

Looking for parking

Wish one can save all the shopping etc for a Monday morning.

Is she a braggart?

Snob 3

Been raining and storming all night almost doing justice to the name Cape of Storms.  Anyway, the week is almost gone.  Enjoy the Friday and especially letting the weekend hair down.

Took quite some time before I could catch a candid shot of an arm, but I was not going to ask whether I may.  Paparazzi style is more challenging.

Art on an arm.

Arm tattoo

I do wish to mention that I am not a fan of  tattoos.

And our rain and new cold front is here.  Will admit I am approaching cabin fever levels.  Have a great evening.

I wonder if this is his or her name.

Snob 2

In for rain again, nevertheless have a super day wherever you may be.

I have a feeling this morning’s daybreak was not an indication that winter is heading towards spring.

Flaming daybreak sky over the Cape Flats this morning at 0730H.

Sunrise 23 Jul 14

Enjoy the evening.

License plate of a non-conformist, or is it a local snob.

Snob 1

First of three.

Gosh, midweek again.  Enjoy the day.

Running spots at play.


Have a super evening.

Sunning itself


Enjoy a blessed day.

The arums are beginning to bloom, but winter is still far from over.

Arum end winter in sight

Enjoy the new day and the start of the new week.