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A small fluffy rain spider in the laundry room yesterday and believe it most welcome rain is predicted for this afternoon.

The spider was carefully caught and removed to the garden.

Enjoy the start of the weekend.


Products of a fine art woodworker.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Three sips in the dry dock, Cape Town harbour.

Enjoy a super day.

A band entertaining the crowds at the Waterfront, Cape Town.

Enjoy the day.

Long before the drought when we still had an abundense of flowers ans this Sunbird was a daily visitor to collect nectar.

Enjoy the new week.  Hopefully my landline will be restored today. Meanwhile skimping through at high expense on a VodafoneMobileWifi.

Not a great photo, but is was great luck when this hawk rested in a nearby tree.

Having line problems like in no telephone line and this resulted in re-activating my VodafoneMobileWifi which is damn expensive. Nevertheless two pics chosen at random from my archives.

Checking for pmail.

A kite over head.

Enjoy the weekend.

The gondolas to take one to the summit of Table Mountain

The old

The new

Enjoy the day.

Both young and in training.

Have a blessed midweek day.

Homemade door bell at a gift shop.

Enjoy the day.