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First of all I want to thank Melody of the Donkey Whisperer Farm for having nominated me for the WordPress Family Award.  Yes I really feel like a member of a great family.  Then I must appologise I just cannot select who I think are my ten most favourite bloggers as I enjoy all the blogs with equal keenness.  Anyway, to get to the title of this post “Winter”.  Yes, it has arrived in Cape Town.  It is cold and wet and if the forecast is correct it will remain like that for the rest of the week including the coming weekend  which may be quite stormy.

Still ample rain to comec Storm clouds 1

Have a super day.


Posted a pic of our daybreak after a stormy night.  True to prognoses the bad weather faded away at noon.

Last of the cold cloudsc White clouds after storm

Enjoying the sunshine and autumn blue sky.  Looks like a great weekend ahead, but being Cape Town I will not venture into betting. Enjoy the Friday.

Situated between two oceans, the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic Ocean, and blessed with beautiful mountain ranges Cape Town is most probably the most difficult city in the world to make weather predictions for. I usually go to four meteorological sites early in the morning and work out a guesstimated prognoses for the day. I smiled when I saw this on News24 as the prognoses for Cape Town today – ”

Thursday 11-15°C

Tons of rain. More clouds than sun. Cool.

Now this the most accurate forecast I have seen for Cape Town. All that is lacking is the phrase “Lots of strong wind”!

Heaven’s water running down the window panes

Guess who is most disgusted with the weather.

Have a super day.