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Will admit I am dog crazy, so here we go again with pics from last Saturday’s training.

A cute puppy

Cute pup

Feeding time

Feeding time

Have a super day.


Whenever my back up laptop give problems I take it to a nearby computer store.  I call this store the pet friendly store and here is why.


Out in the street I was subjected to quite some threatening language by a so called car guard when I took this photo while he was assisting a clumsy driver trying to park his car.

Car guard

Eventually between the two of them the driver managed to get his car parked (more or less).

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Eager and ready to go play along with the pack.

Eager beaver

Had good rain last night.  Enjoy the day.

Cute but serious pup at training.

A serious puppy

The start of a new week and hopefully our faulty telephone line will be fixed after a three week inconvenience.

It seems that more pups attend the Saturday afternoon training sessions.  What is very interesting is to see how they grow and of course become socialised and especially the friendly relationship with the older and bigger dogs.

Self assured this one is

July puppy 3

First timer and one can see his uncertainty in the eyes.

Sweet pose

Have a super start to the new week.

This pup came to visit the big dogs training session and stole the show.

Boxer pup

Enjoy a super day.

Two more cuties from the puppy class

July puppy 1

July puppy 2

Have a super start to the new week.

Arrived at dog training as the puppy class came to an end and caught this little pooch all dressed for winter.

Dressed for winter

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

This Irish Wolfhound pup was introduced to the socialisation class last Saturday.

Irish Wolfhound puppy

Unfortunately he is still too young to join the seniors, but hopefully we will see more of him as the puppy class precedes the senior class.  Have a super day.

Took quite some effort to capture this youngster at training a week ago, but patience paid off.

High energy profile.

Aint I cute

Enjoy a super midweek day.