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A small fluffy rain spider in the laundry room yesterday and believe it most welcome rain is predicted for this afternoon.

The spider was carefully caught and removed to the garden.

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

On our return home we had the usual exuberant welcome committee that was most delighted to have us back.


Little did I expect that there would also be a similar committee from the insect world.

Caterpillar on wall

And this lady who watched half the US F1 Grand Prix with me before I noticed her presence in my study.

Rain spider

She was carefully captured and returned to the garden where she belongs.

Have a super day.

Woke up at four this morning to the howling of a wind next to none.  Some gusts were so strong it rattled the window frames.  Shortly after six the portals of heaven opened and the rain came dashing down pelting the earth with venom.

Water logged in front of the TV room’s door leading to the garden.

Flood door TV room

In less than six hours I measured 21mm (according to my calculations almost an inch).  Was about noon when the weather broke and the sun broke through the clouds.  The wind’s velocity has dropped to just above that of a strong breeze.

Along with the rain came two unwelcome visitors that I gently captured and returned to the garden where they belong.

Rainspiders, harmless but still we do not want them close by.

In the passage at my study door.

Rainspider 1

On the ceiling in my study.

Rainspider 2

Both were almost the size of my handpalm.

Enjoy a pleasant midweek evening.