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A spider’s web decorated by raindrops.  I could not see or find the spider anywhere.

Raindrops on spider web

Back to winter temperatures today, nevertheless enjoy the last day of July 2016.

This was what Friday past looked like at the start of daybreak. It was no vain omen, we experienced a true day of the Cape of Storms.

Approaching storm

Being in the throws of water restrictions due to a prolonged drought sculpture erected the sculpture/art piece below at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to convey the massage to use water responsibly. Currently we are under a warning that we must expect a high volume rain overnight and tomorrow and flooding is possible.  We only hope that the rain will be at its heaviest in the catchment areas so that our dams can become filled.

importance of water

An early morning rainbow promising a nice sunny day.

Rainbow rain not over

enjoy the midweek day.

This fellow comes right up to my door leading into the garden on a daily basis. However, the slightest move on my side and it is off like a flash.

Squirrel 2

Enjoying most welcome early morning rain.  Enjoy the day.

Mid-afternoon on 29 September the sky overhead looked ominous and threatening.  It was no empty threat and during the night rain bucketed down on us.

Storm on approach 29 Sept 2015

Winter is stubbornly clinging on with chilly low temperatures, especially after sunset.  However, Cape Town’s reservoirs are filled to less than 75% of its capacity and we desperately need more rain or face water usage restrictions during the summer of 2015/16.

Have a blessed day.

The old saying “red sky in the morning, the shepherd’s warning” ran true this week.

The morning sky at daybreak


As day proceeded the storm clouds made their presence known.



And rain it did.

Enjoy the start to the weekend.

A visit to Houtbay is always a must when we have visitors so Tuesday was no exception.  Weatherwise it was not ideal, but it did not put us off albeit one could have spoken of a true monochrome day.  Was our first visit there since the March fires that devastated the foliage on the mountain.

This is what the day looked like before it started raining

What theday looked like

The blackened mountain after the March fires

March fire remnant

Friday again and the weekend is upon us, enjoy.

Daybreak after a night of storms that did justice to the name Cape of Storms.

After stormy night

An approaching storm

Approaching storm June 2015

An icy sunset

Dotted sunset

Have a super day.