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I have a feeling this morning’s daybreak was not an indication that winter is heading towards spring.

Flaming daybreak sky over the Cape Flats this morning at 0730H.

Sunrise 23 Jul 14

Enjoy the evening.


Sunset on 6 May

Sunset 6 May 2014

Have a blessed day, the week is almost done.

Red sky at night the Shepard’s delight.

This was our autumn sunset on Wednesday and Thursday was a spectacular autumn day.

c Sky on fire

Have a super day the weekend is here again.

Had a glowing sunrise this morning.

c DSC_0002

Within an hour the red sky in the morning warning materialised and it has been raining non-stop now for three hours.  Truly an indoors day ahead.

Finally yesterday evening we had our first summer sunset painting the sky a fiery red.

Sunset over Constantiabergc Sky fire

At last we can say winter is now gone.

Have a super day of rest.

We had a spectacular sunset yesterday evening. The sky was truly aflame.

Sunset over Constantia Neck

This photo was taken some ten minutes after the first one

Then, as I was ready to return to the warmer comfort of the house I heard the familiar squawking of the Hadedahs and manged to shoot this photo

Hadedahs silhouhetted against a flaming sky

Have a super day.