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Among the attractions of the Houtbay Harbour are the boats and the Mariner’s Warf with its shops and eating places.

Moored boats

Docked boats 1

Docked boats 2

Entrance to the Warfside Grill and menu cover

Mariner's Warf restaurant

Menu Mariner's Warf


To celebrate the christening of nephew and niece’s baby we went to a lovely restaurant on a wine estate in the Stellenbosch district.  The restaurant is called Towerbos (Magic Forest) and the cuisine lived up to the name – it was magic. The inviting section under the trees, but at 40C (104F) we opted to sit inside where it was a wee bit cooler.

Under the trees


Inside, our table set and ready


Some pics of old collectable used as decorations


Before the computer and texting age


Wine flasks from some sixty years plus ago


Wines on promotion


And the menu


Surely a place to go revisit again and again.  End of the week, enjoy your Friday and I hope not as hot as ours are predicted to become – 34C (93.2F).

Pics taken in a small restaurant close by.

Time for lunch

Lunch time

Wall menus

Wall menu 1

Wall menu 2

Have a super Saturday.

Shopping trollies left in the parking area of a shopping mall waiting to be collected.

Abandoned trollies

Waiting for customers.  A table for two on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant.


After leaving the nursery (see we proceeded to the Duck Pond which is a restaurant on the Welmoed wine estate.  The estate is on the Baden Powel Road from the N2 free way towards Stellenbosch, about forty minutes from Cape Town. Not going to bore you with the menu, merely to say it was superb. Rather let me try and do the name justice with a few duck pics.

The ducks

c DSC_0034

c DSC_0033

c DSC_0037

c DSC_0044

From the flags one can guess from where most of the patrons come

c DSC_0045

Lunch over, the bill paid and ready to leave

c DSC_0046

The Duck Pond definitely calls for a return visit.

Have a great evening.

A balcony decorated wall at a restaurant in Woodstock

It gives one a nice welcome feeling.

Enjoy the day.

The Waterfront is not what I will call my favourite place to visit in Cape Town. As a matter of fact I actually prefer to avoid it, but there do come times when avoidance is impossible. Yesterday was one of those times. Basically it is the crowds that put me off more so than the outrageous prices the restaurants ask. Prices which in addition to the food one orders also include dubious if not rotten service as we experienced at the Greek Fisherman Restaurant yesterday. When I placed our order I made it clear that we want the bread platter to be delivered with our wine plus a glass of ordinary tap water. Lo and behold we received our wine and no bread. I asked the waiter/waitron/moron to please bring the bread platter immediately. Eventually our main course arrived, after that the bread platter and I had to again ask for a glass of plain tap water. When we left I tipped him as rottenly as the service was and add slow, very slow service to that. One place that won’t see me again. I do not patronize a restaurant to have the staff work. I patronize a restaurant to have the staff work for me the paying client.

Got a few pics in that I am happy with albeit many of the pics were taken in that split moment when there was a gap in the crowd.

 The Clock tower

From the Victoria Basin one actually gets a very nice view of Table Mountain with the bustling Waterfront in the foreground.

If there is one thing nobody can escape when visiting the Waterfront is is the omni presence of the gulls. These birds have become so cheeky they will even try to come sit on your table to beg a morsel of food.

Will post a few more pics later, but must add the place has really changed since I last visited there about eighteen months ago. Have a great day.

Screening off the workman