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In Cape Town we have what we call factory shops where on can buy many items cheaper than at the customary shops.  One such factory we frequently go to is called Nibbly Bits and is not recommended to anyone following a weight loss diet.  Nibbly Bits specialises in selling excellent biscuits and rusks of a great variety and at much cheaper prices than what one pay for similar at the super markets or confectionary shops.

Shelves loaded with biscuits and rusks

Nibbly Bits 1

Nibbly Bits 2

it is the start of a new week, enjoy and have a super week ahead.


If I may say so myself in a non-biassed manner my wife will give any of the international cooks/chefs competition in her expertise in the kitchen.  With almost 40 years in cooking in five different countries, albeit home cooking I think she deserves it.  For me I claim to be the world’s best drooler watching the stove and the oven.

Buttermilk rusks drying out in the oven.

Rusk drying out

Sorry no pic of me as the drool smudged the lens!

Have a great Friday evening wherever you find yourself.

Anyone for freshly baked buttermilk rusks?


The weekend is done, hope it was a good one.