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 A misty prelude to the first dark moon of our winter.

Maybe if the clouds disappear which I doubt we will see the first new moon of our winter tonight.


A late autumn sunrise

Having the strangest weather at present. Yesterday our day temperature went up to 37C (98.6F) which is very unusual for the end of fall. Rain predicted for today but at 5am there was not a cloud in sight. Nevertheless, have a great day wherever you are.

….. autumn dawn.

Have a pleasant new week.

Water, more precious than gold.

The drought is really hitting us hard and we are under strict water restrictions pertaining to the use of municipal potable water like no washing of cars and gardens may only be watered by watering can or bucket for one hour on two days of the week and this must be done before 9 am or after 6pm.

This is what our lawn looks like at the moment.

They say we only have enough water at current use for 93 days left in the dams, but by then our rain season should hopefully be in full swing.

Enjoy the day.

Half moon in late afternoon, March 2017

Enjoy a great evening.


A summer sunrise


A summer sunset

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

A colourfull summer dawn over Cape Town, November 2016.

A summer dawn

Enjoy the of rest.

After a night’s rain sunrise yielded a special view on the back of Table Mountain.

Morning sun Table Mountain

As a bonus we were also treated to a rainbow.


The weekend is here so please enjoy.

An early cold October summer sunset over Constantiaberg, Cape Town.

Summer sunset Oct 20016

Enjoy the day.

A waxing moon on its way to full moon. Photo taken midmorning.

Half moon Sept 10

Rainless clouds decorating the morning sky.

White clouds

Enjoy the midweek day.