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The most popular choice as the main dish was the Chef’s hamburger special which had the beef patty smothered in a cheese, bacon, avocado puree and heavens know what else.

The more adventurous amongst us chose

a chicken and cheese dish

and the duck in a red wine sauce

The meal was eventually rounded off with a delicious chocolate cake in a truly home made fashion.

Unfortunately Somerbosch lacks the views many of the other wine estates are blessed with, but then we went there for the food and were not disappointed. Anyway, in the distance one could see Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak.

and Helderberg somewhat closer

Naturally I purchased some wine that came home with us and will wait patiently in the wine rack for the correct opportunity to be opened.  Humpday and the week is almost gone, nevertheless enjoy your day.


Had a lovely lunch with the birthday boy and friends at the Somerbosch wine estate on Sunday.  The feast kicked off with champagne as strawberries.

The size of the strawberries was almost breathtaking as can be seen next to a Zippo lighter

Here after came the starters which were served in what can be called mean portions.  Wisely a few of the guests skipped the starters as if they knew what will be volume wise a challenge when the main dishes come.

Chef’s salad

Stuffed French role

Kudu carpaccio

And this 2008 was one of the nicest delicate Merlot I have had in years

All the wines available are the estates own production and compared to other estates in the area a little cheaper, but in quality Somerbosch need not stand back for any of the other estates on the wine route.

More to follow.

Have a super day.