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After a Spring morning shower.

Rain on appraoch

Enjoy the day.


Our Clivias started blooming and I hope it is a strong sign that Spring is here albeit our temperatures are still in the low teens.

Welcome blooms


Have a super day.

Grey and somber and then it rained making the first day of Spring feel like a midwinter day.

morning storm spring

Have a great start to the new week.

After a cold winter that was not as wet as in the past Spring day arrived on 1 September.  Daybreak was rather dull and left one with a feeling that winter is going to be with us for some time still.

Daybreak 1 September 2015

Spring daybreak

The cloud layer above had a brief break and the early birds could get a glimpse of the waining supermoon.

Waxing supermoon

As the day progressed the cloud layer was replaced with an almost clear sky, but in spite of the sunny day the temperatures remained in the low teens.  Come sunset one realised that winter is truly over and the season’s change has indeed arrived.

Spring sunset

For those who are having a long weekend enjoy and drive safely.  For the rest of us let the hair down and relax.

The first butterfly


Hadedas grazing in the garden

Hadedas grazing

Yellow and green

Yellow and green

Enjoy the weekend.

Some more flowers in Kirstenbosch as winter nears its end.






Have a super day.

Colourful signs are there that our winter is almost over.



Enjoy preparing for the weekend.

Got back in time to still be able to enjoy the last flowers of spring colouring the garden.

Spring colours 1

Spring colours 2

Spring colours 3

Now to wait fro the summer colours to pop out.  I seem to be over the cold and the conjunctivitis that floored me a day after our return.  Wednesday again and half a week closer to  the year end festivities.  Enjoy the day.

Daybreak on 1 September 2014.

Sunrise 1 Sep 2014

I can’t believe it is Friday again, somehow this year seems to be flying past.

Enjoy a blessed day.

Yesterday we went to the West Coast National Park to go see the aid flowers of spring.  The park is some 90 kilometers (+/- 60 miles) from here.  The park offers offers more than flowers for the visitor to see.  There is for example 282 species of birds, various antelope and zebras.  As was shown in this morning’s post snakes are there as well, but apparently seldom seen.

Unfortunately to protect the fields one is not allowed to leave the roads to get closer to the flowers so I had to do will a 200mm zoom lens.   a strong wind did not make focusing on the swaying flowers easy, but I hope the pics in this post will bring forth the delight in seeing the fields decorated in the splendid colours of spring.  Luckily there are a few close ups where Lady Luck looked kindly upon me.  Posys hereafter will show some of the other attractions the park offers.

Sour figs in bloom.

Vygie yellow

Flowers 04 purple vygie

A cat’s claw next to a road.

Cats claw

Dainty white.

Dainty white

Some field shots.

Flowers 01

Flowers 03


Flower field 1

Flower field 2

Flower field 3

Flower hill

Enjoy a super evening.